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I'm 25 have been an alcoholic since 2010, a college drop out and I work from home. I have been hospitalized several times because of organ failures because of drinking too much. I have no friends and feel alone all the time. From what I gather from checking out my people on facebook my colleagues are now getting married, engaged, having their career promoted, etc. and what that tells me is that I'm nothing and pathetic. Sorry I have nowhere else to write this.
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Welcome to SR beetle712.

There are thousands of alcoholics at this forum. NONE of us are nothing and pathetic. And that includes YOU.

You seem like you want to get sober and have a more productive and fulfilling life. That's why all of us showed up here, so you're not alone.

Do you have a strategy for getting and staying sober yet? If not, I recommend reading around the forums here about the various methods people are using to beat this addiction. Knowledge is power.

Be well.
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Thank you, Nonsensical for your kind words. I will try reading on this site and get informed. Again thank you very much.
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This really is a great site beetle. I hope you stay with us
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thank you, soberclover
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Hi Beetle
To put things in perspective, at 35 I'm alcoholic-depresive-divorceed-living with parents-no facebook. Let's change now this perspective: at 35 I don't feel the same pressure because of others accomplishments, I'm an alcoholic & depressive very grateful that I am still alive, amazed with how my life changed in the past 1.5 years since getting sober, happy that this sunny day, proud that today finished all the paperwork and I have my OWN place, and curious of what tomorrow will bring.
Bad things also happen... this is life...but I don't let them affect me anymore and I find it easier to get past them.
For sure life is not all about me, but if I could make it then YOU can do this also. Stay with us!
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Welcome to SR, Beetle! Glad you found us...
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Im 27 years old and was hospitalised last October because I had liver failure through drinking. My drinking basically robbed me of the last 3 years of my life I lost friends, my joba, my self respect and if I had carried on much longer I most likely would have also lost my life. After having a terrifying wake up call I decided that was it for me and I decided the first night I spent in hospital would be the first night of my sobriety. Thankfully I am now 8 and a half months sober and my doctor has said I am back to full health and thankfully haven't done any irreparable damage to my liver or my body. I can understand about how you say you feel when you see your peers moving along with their lives whilst you most likely feel stuck in limbo I felt like that too at first but now I realise the only thing I need to focus on is myself and my sobriety . If you focus on getting yourself sober and healthy there is no reason you cant move forward with your life and have that too. My life is now infinitely better, i have never felt better mentally or physically. I really wouldn't focus on what others are doing in terms of marriage, career etc you should concentrate on yourself and getting sober and healthy.
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I also don't have many friends since I became sober but a large part of that has to do with my decision to no longer be friends with those who live a large part of their lives based on alcohol. A lot of people in the world in general have to drink at just about every occasion and don't do many sober activities and that's why I find it hard to find new friends. However, I'm not in a race and I enjoy every day of my life even if its all alone. I've made a couple friends in school. I plan on making more friends here and in aa now that ill have a little more time with the semester in school ending. I believe that with time you will make the right friends and will be happy. You are far from nothing. It's not about how many friends you have, it's the quality of friends you have who truly care about you and aren't just friends with you because you can drink as much as them.
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Really glad you're here beetle

Life is not helped by comparing ourselves to others, and unfortunately facebook is the means by which this becomes possible on a daily basis and in an instant way. Do bear in mind that people often don't post bad stuff on there so you are not seeing the whole picture. My facebook doesn't mention my struggles with alcohol and my sister's doesn't mention the affair she's been having or the unhappy relationship. Don't always believe everything is as rosy as it seems.

You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. Even if it doesn't feel that way now, it will once you're sober. Alcohol has a way of stealing any self esteem we might have had and making us feel like our lives are over. I hope you stick around and get some help with your drinking. There really is a better way to live x
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Hi Beetle. Glad to have you join us.

I agree - you are not pathetic - probably just feeling isolated because of your drinking. We all understand what you're going through right now & we want to help. I hope you'll keep reading and posting here.
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Hi Beetle - welcome

I though I waas nothing and pathetic too - thats the lie our addiction whispers to keep us drinking - a weakened self esteem means no change no challenge.

I stopped drinking and found I was stronger, smarter and more capable than I'd realised for years. I rediscovered the real me.

I'm sure you will too - there's a ton of support here

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Welcome Beetle

Sobriety will totally change your life. But definitely for the better. You will see who your real friends are and who were just your drinking buddies...
And your self confidence will grow every day and you will be surprised how much more stronger and smarter you'll feel.

I hope you stick with us!
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Thank you for the welcoming and encouraging comments! I feel happy for those people who generously write in here who have been able to go sober...
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