Flasbacks and Dreams

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Flasbacks and Dreams

Hey everyone. Even though I am 3 years clean, I still get awful flashbacks and I dream of using drugs (crack). I figured after all this clean time behind me "those things" would go away. Does anyone else, with some clean time behind them, ever have these problems? They are not bad enough to disrupt my life, but it still happens. Will I "always" have flashbacks and dreams about smoking crack??
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Someone I know with an interest in these things told me that dreaming about something like this is actually a really positive thing. It means you are dealing with the thoughts and putting them behind you. I had this with smoking dreams and grieving the loss of a family member. Not too many drinking dreams so far but if I do I will just accept them as my brain processing the loss of an activity I used to do... Of course you might want to check that there are no wish fulfilment tendencies there, but otherwise I wouldn't worry about it too much x
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Thank you for your reply!! It has made me feel much better. I truly, honestly never want to smoke crack again!!! Never!! I lost everything, including my soul, to this stuff! When I began my journey into recovery, I couldn't get the physical things that I had lost back.... But I had to get me back!! My mind, my heart, my soul!! Everything. Day in and day out I fought and each day that I had gotten through without the use of drugs was....and is a blessing! Anyways,...I'm doing what I do best, rambling on..... Thank you again for the positive post!!
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Since I am new to recovery, I have little to offer on alcohol or general addiction other than cigarettes. I smoked for 5 years and quit for 10 years. My Brother-In-Law passed away from COPD and Emphysema at 49. I dreamed constantly about smoking and woke up so disappointed I had smoked. It was all a dream.

I started back smoking and need to quit again.

Now going into my sobriety from alcohol, I had the most real dream ever in my life. In my dream I was reaching under my pillow for a bottle of hidden wine. I actually woke up panic stricken grabbing the pillow. When I realized it was a dream and I did not have any alcohol under the pillow and did not drink, I was so happy and relieved. Could not go back to sleep, but I was content.

Dreams are good - it keeps us on our toes. Stay clean and sober and enjoy life.
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I sometimes have dreams that I am drinking again, usually accidentally In my dream I am given a drink by someone and when I drink it its alcoholic and I end up getting completely wasted and the same fears and anxieties and guilt I used to feel when I was actually drinking I feel in my dreams. When I wake up im so relieved but its unsettling and I have to think about it for a few minutes, I think its my mind telling me to be aware and vigilant about things and its a reminder to myself of how bad things could be if I went down that route again, maybe its the same for you? hope that makes some sense.
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