One week and then failure

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One week and then failure

3 beers. I feel so bad.

I decided to quit drinking exactly a week ago today after a night of bad decision making followed by a day of being sick and hungover. Well, yesterday I went to the movies and stopped out for dinner after. I sat down......and ordered a beer, just popped right out of my mouth like no big deal. Bought a 24 ounce on the way home. In addition the beer I drank is pretty strong.

I sometimes go a week or so without drinking, just for health reasons or me and my gf just don't feel like it. I really think, for me, not at all would be better. I feel better, am more creative and just all around happier when I don't drink. So whats my problem? Am I alcoholic? I felt horrible after those beers, not just physically but mentally. I wanted to stop drinking,was going along just fine, and suddenly its as if I forgot about that conveniently and without reflecting at all. There I was with a beer in my hand. Hmmmm maybe this is more of a problem then I thought. Any ideas?
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Christopher99 (05-23-2013)
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Well, only you can say if you're an alcoholic.
It's not how much we intake it's how it affects you.
I've failed many, many times. Quiting required action, like staying out of bars and other triggers for me.

You feel bad now. Remember that feeling. Think the first drink through to the end and where it'll lead. This helps keep me sober.

You're definetly not alone. Best to you and pick yourself up and start again.
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Christopher99 (05-23-2013)
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This sounds quite familiar. I usually have the same thing happen to me. I say "happen to me" because that's really how it seems. Like one day I'm saying "I'm not gonna drink at all this week" then the next day I'm suddenly 8 deep in a case. Like there wasn't a process of decision. The only days I'm guaranteed not to drink are the days I'm hungover. On the other hand, sometimes I will go a whole week or more without a drop. I'm in the same boat of trying to figure out if I have a problem I'm in denial about or if I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. I'm hoping to find some answers tooling around on the site. Or at the least, some kindred spirits. Good luck.
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When I first tried quitting, the more I tried, the more I drank. I know I'm an alcoholic because I cannot stop at one drink. In fact, for me, there will never be enough.

I do know that I couldn't quit all on my own, I needed help and I needed to change ME.
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Hi winters

I agree with the others - if you want to stop, and you find you can't...whatever you want to call it, its a problem.

I had to make a lot of changes to stay sober - that's probably something to start thinking about for yourself too?

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bigsombrero (05-23-2013)
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Hi Winters,

A trap I fell often into was thinking once I had one beer then I'd failed for the day and I might as well have more. That's probably partly why there is often a strong focus on avoiding the first. It sounds though that you recognise things are better when you abstain. You don't need to work out a label (alcoholic, problem drinker, etc) to embrace abstinence - you just need to recognise that life is better in the absence of alcohol.
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Beavis (05-23-2013)
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Easier to quit now than later. Alcohol abuse appears to be a problem that only gets worse, not better. The longer you drink, the harder it will be to quit. Few happy endings to moderation stories.
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