Keep fighting the good fight..:)

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Aka.. Indamiricale. :)
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Keep fighting the good fight..:)

Have a wonderful day, if your on day one or have a couple 24hrs... Its all about today and today only....

As an alcoholic I carried that awful load not only on my shoulder but on my chest, back, and over my entire body. Its taken time and work on my rigorous honesty to really see myself as that liar,cheat, and thief. I always considered myself a good person , and credit to myself I am . But , I wasn't being that person I just lived another lie. I lied constantly about anything and everything. I couldn't even tell what was true or made up. It is such awesome feeling today to just talk and when I see someone not have to wonder what I said or did last time I saw them. I can walk freely and now have pleasant surprise instead of those " ohhh f***" moments. So I was barely living in that state, until I found going to AA and working my program and getting honest with myself and others . So now I can rid myself of that unbelievable weight I carried on myself, and tried to pawn off on others. Everyday feels lighter and lighter I even breath easier.

Today's meditation topic is just so at peace with this feeling . I believe that in the spiritual world, as in the material world, there is no empty space. As fears and worries and resentments depart out of my life, the things of the spirit come in to take their places. Calm comes after a storm. As I am rid of those fears and hates and selfishness, my Gods love and peace and calm can come in.

It has taken me some time , but I learned to be grateful for my alcoholism and the program of recovery it forced me into, for all the things that had happened to me and for me, for a life today that transcends and far exceeds anything that I had previously known. I could not have that today if I had not experienced all the yesterdays..... Adversity truly introduces us to ourselves. But we need never deal with our adversities alone as long as we can find another alcoholic in a meeting of AA.

For me it is a relief and joy now to be a part of the fellowship. I am truly honored and will give back as long as I live. I lived as the most popular loner that I knew. Not today I have true friends and don't have to think I am doing everything on my own. I have my Higher Power with me now.

Everyone please enjoy today and the weekend.

And smile cause sobriety looks good on You !!!!!
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Glad you found something that works for you Happy, and congrats on your sobriety.
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HD, What a wonderful sentiment - thank you for sharing. You deserve happiness and I'm glad you're feeling so good
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