Feeling like a 360..

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Feeling like a 360..

Well I did my first volunteer activity at my daughters school. Never did before because didn't want teachers/other parents smelling the booze on my breath. Besides....hanging around all those sober and involved moms made me feel like the worst mom (course it was their fault, not the 6-8 glasses of wine I was consuming).

Now that I am sober, I can't wait to do more of this. All the kids went running up to thei moms so excited they were there....INCLUDING my daughter to me:-). Felt so good to see here so proud and happy I was there!! Think I am actually going to join the PTO next year! Lol....never thought I would see the day:-)
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Awesome Dolly!!
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Way to go, Dolly! That is an awesome first step!
So glad you had a good time, I'm sure your daughter was thrilled!
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That's so awesome!!!
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It is nice to not have to worry whether we can or cannot do something that involves our children that is dependent upon how much alcohol we had consumed. That is how I feel when my son is making plans when I may have to provide transportation. I'm a sober driver at any time on any day
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Go you Dolly A!!!!
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That's such a lovely story, thank you so much for sharing x

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What a great post!
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Yay Dolly! I teared up over this! So awesome!
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Thanks all! It was such a great morning, and certainly will help keep me motivated.
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Doesn't it feel good? I'm glad you shared the great news.
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Nothing beats the huge smile, the love, happiness and pride in a child's twinkling eyes when they look at us.

Great job!
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You not only rock!!! you rock!!!

I started volunteering a few days into sobriety for a charity shop, I'm back there tomorrow and I can't wait.
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