I might have a problem.. Maybe? I don't know

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I might have a problem.. Maybe? I don't know

Hi everyone. I am not sure what clicked today that made me sign up. I just don't know. I have been a pretty consistent drinker for about 15 years. I don't really get drunk anymore.. It just doesn't do that to me. I find drinking a few beers a night eases my back pain better than meds, so it's probably 4 nights a week I partake. I'm always home. It never affects my job. I haven't embarrassed myself that I know of. But I can't shake the feeling that I couldn't stop if I decided to. And that's what irks me. Is 4-5 a night a problem? Am I just a functioning mess ?

I'm buzzed as I write this, because instead of my usual beer I bought twisted teas and they are Soooo easy going down. I have no other vices, I quit smoking. Why can't I have just this? Why am I questioning myself? I'm not bent over puking at night. And I can afford this. My family doesn't care because I am not acting crazy. Am I overthinking this?
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Hi Enigmadox

I'm of the belief if you think you have a problem, and you go to the lengths of signing up here, then you have a problem - at the very least you're uncomfortable with what you're doing.

I drank for pain for a lot of years - the trouble is I needed more and more to make me feel good - I also started to use alcohol for other things I felt were wrong in my life...and because it's effects never last too long, I was 'reapplying my medicine liberally'...

I ended up an all day everyday drinker.
I think it's great you're looking at this now because you do not want to end up there.

are you really sure booze is more effective than your back meds Enigmadox?

After I quit I went back to my Doc and we looked at my meds - not only were they not very effective when used with alcohol, but there were other medications, and other non medication options, available to me that were far more effective.

Rather than relying on things that put me out for the night I can be a part of life now 24/7

Personally, I think thats worth looking into

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Originally Posted by Enigmadox View Post
But I can't shake the feeling that I couldn't stop if I decided to. And that's what irks me. Is 4-5 a night a problem?
Have you ever tried quitting? Try to stay sober for maybe 2 weeks- see how you do. Is there any particular reason you fear you are losing control? Do you have a spotty history with alcohol/alcoholics?
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I don't think you're overthinking this at all. You may be making a few excuses but we've all been there. I was a consistent drinker for 12 years and I could have written your post 3 or 4 years ago. All I'll say is that not getting drunk is a really bad sign and that eventually your body will tell you it's had enough. I don't think there's a way round that. Drinking too much over a decade will do damage. My damage manifested itself both physically and mentally. I had still not acted crazy or effected my social life or work but I still had major problems from my alcohol intake. In a way I quit drinking because I had to, but it has had such a positive impact on my life that I wish I had done it sooner. My mental outlook improved almost immediately and although it has been a struggle at times it has been very rewarding and I have learnt a lot about myself. I am strangely much happier sober. I never imagined that would be the case. I hope you consider quitting, at least for a while to see how you feel. That would clear up the question of whether you can or not anyway. Incidentally anyone can give up drinking with the right support and guidance. No one is doomed to drink forever. Glad you're here x
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I too believe that if you're questioning something, then it's a problem. Try quitting for at least a month or two, see how you feel then.

I'm so glad I quit drinking, only wish I"d done it sooner.
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Thank you for your replies. I never realized how much I needed someone to talk to me about this. I quit drinking 8 years ago to prove I could. I was gaining weight and I drank every day. It lasted 9 months

. After my marriage failed, which was because I was a bitch, I went back to drinking to cope with the guilt of splitting up my family. It has gone up and down, depending on my mood. But lately I feel it's bad.

I am 8 drinks in tonight. I'm out of breath which has never happened befor. my face and chest are splotchy red. What is going on am I allergic suddenly?
I am on a dickofenac and tramadol regimen. That doesn't do me justice like getting my Alcohol does. I only feel good when I'm throwing back.
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