Hooked on opiates and dying to quit...

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Hooked on opiates and dying to quit...

Ok so here is the story of how I became addicted to painkillers. It actually started about 4 years ago when a buddy of mine offered me a line of hydrocodone. At first I said no because my buddy always seemed to be so messed up all of the time and I didn't want that to happen to me. (It turned out that he took insane amounts of xanax). Anyway, I finally caved and snorted the line. I liked it. I didn't ask for more but I remember that I liked the euphoria and from that moment on I remembered the name Hydrocodone.
At the time I worked as a caregiver for an elderly couple. As I was putting away their clothes in a drawer in their bedroom I noticed three big pill bottles. I looked at the labels and they all said Hydrocodone. Remembering the euphoria from the line I snorted days ago, I made the worst decision of my life and took one of the pills. Once again, euphoria. To make a long story short, I began stealing these pills. I justified it in my head by thinking that they had a huge supply and got their pills monthly so I figured they wouldn't even notice. And they didn't. This is where and when my habit started. I carried on this way for about three months. After a while they began hiding these pills because they finally caught on to me. This was my first experience going through withdrawals. Once I finally started feeling better, I decided I would never touch those pills ever again. However, as time went by they began leaving their pills out in the open again and I couldn't help myself. Realizing that this had turned into a huge problem for me, I decided to quit that job just so I could get away from the pills. I then moved back home to my parents house.
I will continue this story in my next post.
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Your honesty and the fact that you left the job sounds like you have the right mindset for recovery. Keep the desire to want to quit and take it one day at a time. You can do this.
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hi rwa,,,,i admire yr total honesty in this post,,,as above ,,it shows that you are wanting to do something bout this prob...a problem shared ect ect,,,
i too had an addiction to painkillers,,amonst other drugs,,and drink,,that was 6 months ago,,i discovered this place,,and i must admit,,the support i got from my friends here,,was and still is,,amazing,,but it is up to you in the end,,if you want it,,you can do it,,my thoughts are wiv you my frined,,keep in touch,,be strong,,
lv n hugs xx cleo xxxx

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Thank you very much! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. Opiates have been a total nightmare for me to quit. I keep going one or two days then I have to get a fix. The boredom and depression are so much harder to deal with than the physical withdrawals. I have been unemployed but now have a great job prospect that will definitely help me with quitting. I know I need to stay busy or the boredom and depression will always get the best of me. Thanks for your support. How long did it take you to kick the painkiller habit?

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We have a specific forum for substance abusers. Here's the link

Substance Abuse - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information
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