If you are having a craving, just watch this!

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If you are having a craving, just watch this!

Hello fellow newbies,

I like to look a videos of drunk people when I hear my Addictive Voice. It is pretty effective in stopping my cravings, since it brings back bad (but very foggy) memories

I was wondering if we could all pitch in a few video links of embarrassing drunks, either for laughs or for therapy. Just a reminder of what The Beast wants to do to your body...

I will start the ball:

"Funny" drunk people on YouTube (OMG):

David Hasselhoff's famous dinner on the floor (if you can stand the annoying commentators):

Too much drinking on the Kardashians:

Season 4 episode 10 (seriously, sorry for inserting this, but this guy gets so drunk it is really sad):

episode 11 (a continuation)

(requires netflix subscription)

Please list any that you would like to share!
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Oh my God, Buzzfeed's "Tribute to the Preakness" offers plenty of amusing crazy-drunk footage today, in observation of Preakness Day (go Orb!).

Don't miss the running of the urinals!

A Tribute To The Preakness, Once The Drunkest Place In Sports

Go ahead and laugh at them (I did!) -- then think about how they're going to wake up feeling like a bus hit them the next morning and not knowing what the hell they did the day/night before. Some of them might wake up in jail!
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I don't laugh at people who are caught up in horrible addiction.

I was one of those people and it sure wasn't funny.
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Oh jeez! I watched the first one. It's actually pretty sad. :-( But did "flip flop" try to talk to the ladies?? I'm embarrassed FOR him!
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The Preakness video was pretty sad. I'm surprised they let that type of think go on for so long. It was nothing but a fall-down, drunken free-for-all. I have my issues, but thankfully, these binge-fest, get drunk until you pass out and ****-all-over-yourself events never appalled to me.
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Wow, this is so funny! Hey you know what would really be a great deterrent from drinking again? If we could somehow have videos of all our own most embarrassing drunken moments....but then again as I'm typing this I'm thinking maybe not so much!
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I have the dash-cam video of my DUI arrest if I really want to stop myself. I've not re-watched it. My attorney gave me a copy.

Just knowing that such a thing exists...eliminates a lot of cravings.
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A not funny and incredible sad video of a fallen legend.
Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne shaky and drunk at charity event - YouTube

It sickens me that i've drank myself into this state before, and it is sobering to watch it.
He's been to rehab since and I think sober at the moment, but he did end up in ICU whilst detoxing.
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