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So I'm going on a full week now without drinking. Feeling pretty solid about the weekend since it will be filled up with dance recitals and gymnastic events. Weekends were always my trigger to drink and as I have seen it mentioned so often on this forum as long as I don't take the first drink I am fine.

Reading through so many threads I never really realized over the 26 years of my drinking that there are so many commonalities in this addiction. For one, like I stated above, I have always been alright if I can resist that first drink but if I ever imbibe then the flood gates open and I drink excessively. I never realized this was part of the addiction; I guess I just thought it was some unique problem I had. Also, I saw mentioned that a person had a hard time understanding why anyone would drink if they weren't getting buzzed or drunk at least. I have always felt like that. If I were given a choice of drinking one beer or not drinking at all I would choose not drinking at all because one beer just felt like a tease.

Feels good to know that others have the same problems and issues that have to be faced. Take care and have a good weekend. I know I will since I will be waking up in the morning without a hang over.
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I saw mentioned that a person had a hard time understanding why anyone would drink if they weren't getting buzzed or drunk at least. I have always felt like that.

I remember a vacation several years ago where we met up with extended family. We ended up in a restaurant that also was a microbrewery. Needless to say, they had a great beer selection. When the time came to leave because we were going to see a play, a few of the women left their glasses of fancy beer on the table virtually untouched, 1/2 to 3/4 full.

I considered lagging behind a bit so that I would be the last one to leave. Then I could chug down the microbrews and it wouldn't go to waste. Besides, I also figured that since I'm going to a play I won't be able to drink for a few hours, and I would wreck the buzz I had going.

Somehow I managed to refrain from making an ass of myself, and I didn't do it. But I was surprised that I considered it.
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It really is good to find that, here at SR, we really do 'get it'. I had felt quite alone until I found this group and I'm so glad I did.
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Yes, the flood gates. Having one for me was like giving a starving dog a rubber bone. What was the point? If I couldn't have 6+ then why bother. I even convinced myself that I didn't have a problem because I could resist having one. Of course I couldn't resist having 6 ... 12 ... and so forth.
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SR is a family to me. I am so glad to have come here.
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I've heard people say "when I controlled my drinking, I couldn't enjoy it and when I enjoyed my drinking, I couldn't control it".

That is the way I feel, what is the point of having one or two - its just frustrating to not be able to have more (like 10 or 12).

I have been repeating the phrase "it starts with the first drink" which I now have a deeper understanding of and it has helped keep me sober for 30 days.
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