Doctor appointment today

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Doctor appointment today

I have been sober for a month now and have been in IOP as well. I have had a dull headache 24/7 since I quit drinking. I also get piercing/splitting headaches everyday. They occur in group sessions, at work, while I'm driving, reading a book at home. They don't seem consistent with the reason for me to have them. My couselor encouraged me to go to the doctors. I will be seeing the alcohol specialst that I saw a month ago who recommended IOP. I don't want anything to seriously be wrong with me but it's better to find out about it now then to wait.
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least (05-17-2013)
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I have heard that drinking makes your brain shrink. When I had trouble with headaches the first month or so of sobriety, I told myself it was just my brain expanding back to its normal size.

I made a post here about the effects of alcohol on fertility, and the point of my post was that scientists and doctors actually know very little about some things. If the doctor eliminates common causes of the headaches, I wouldn't worry about it.
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Leshar (05-17-2013)
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I hope your doctor visit goes well and you get some relief from your headaches. I get headaches too and they're a real pain.

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I almost never get headaches. During the first month sober I got a lot of them. Some of them lasted all day. Good luck with the visit to the doctor.
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It may have something to do with alcohol may have nothing. Coyld be allergies you be er noticed you had due to being in an altered state! Could even be eye strain. Good luck let us know how it goes.
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Me too, Bruce 292, always in the right temple region. At day 17 today, headache every day, but perhaps subsiding a bit, not so bad today.

Coldfusion, I like the idea that my brain might be expanding!

Pattyj, good luck with Dr appt.
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My doctor gave me a 10 day plan of steroids and they really help. She also gave me a pill that helps with muscle spasms; it is completely different from muscle relaxers as I didn't want the muscle relaxers. The pill can make you tired but that is the only side effect and has not happened to me. I am also under extreme stress with moving to my parents house this week, work and group.
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Stress will definitely give you headaches! I have also noticed that I have been getting headaches a lot this month, for me it may be related to allergies. Glad you got checked out though, its better than worrying about it!
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Patty, good for you for going to your dr and getting the problem sorted out.
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