Not sure if I even need to be here

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I welcome you here to SR. You will find a lot of good people here with really good advice. Most of us had been where you are at some point....I know I was. Do yourself a favor and get control before you lose even more control. Accept it then make a plan.
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I am the Problem

Originally Posted by anewpage View Post
I really don't know if I have a problem or not. But the fact that I'm thinking about it must mean something.
I'm in my 30s and have been a drinker for my entire adult life. I've always been way more enthusiatic about alcohol that anyone else I know, and for the past few years have had a few drinks every evening. In recent months though, I found I couldn't wait till evening. So I would start drinking at 5pm, then 4pm, and now the cravings come on at lunch time. I have withdrawal symptoms by 2pm. I have been getting through several bottles of vodka a week and am beginning to notice I have times I can't even remember. I drink and feel much better, but wake up ashamed of myself the next day, swear I'm not going to drink, then of course I do. I'm a mother of small children and I have no excuse for this kind of behavior. Not sure what to do next.
I did one of those alcoholic tests where they ask 22 questions...

I scored 8/22 so thought I was good, I am NOT A DRUNK......

Nope the SOB's said I was a problem drinker..but guess what I really had them fooled because I lied on 8 of the questions and would have scored 16/22 (anything above 6/22 is a problem drinker BTW).... so it didn't matter anyway, I am a drunk

Actually, the only person who knows is you....... do what is right for you to stop... it took me the last 35 years to work out I am the problem and I have a problem

Best Wishes
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Hahahahaha I took that quiz yesterday scored a 6 and was like woohoo maybe I'm not an alcoholic. But I was in the range oh well I already knew I was an alcoholic so who needs the test to tell you.
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It seems from what you're written that your primary relationship is with alcohol. You chose to drink rather than help your daughter with her home work. You chose to drink rather than host a sleepover for your daughter. Believe me your daughter remembers that these thing are happening. I know this from experience. My father was an alcoholic and he chose alcohol over me many times. I will never forget that. Choosing drink rather than spending time with your daughter cannot help but have a negative effect on her self esteem.
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