I made it thru day 2

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Smile I made it thru day 2

I'm not gonna lie, I came VERY close to giving in tonight. My bf of 2+ years and I got into a "text" fight. I think we broke up. I ended it asking him to re-read the texts tomorrow when he is sober and if he still feels it was me, that I need therapy and I have "issues" (I've admitted to a drinking problem....yeah I probably could use therapy) but he was being rude and ugly. So I told him after he re-read them if he still felt that way then not to contact me anymore because I don't deserve to be talked to so ugly and made to feel bad about myself. He told me after that i was being childish and he was done. I personally feel its his way of placing blame anywhere but with himself. (By the way, anytime we argue an he doesn't agree with me he says I have issues and need therapy.)

I came so close to going and getting a bottle, but decided that situation wasn't worth me losing sobriety so I started cleaning the house and doing laundry. Then went and got ice cream with a friend. Now I'm about to go to bed happy and proud of myself for making it through a rough day 2 and know I can make it thru day 3!!!
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I'm glad you stayed strong Sinderos - good for you!

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You have done something amazing for yourself tonight. Keep up the good work. Ice cream will always hit the spot....and friendships. Have sweet dreams!
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Every time you resist the urge to drink, you get stronger.
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Awesome job. Don't let anyone push you towards the bottle. Easier said than done, I know, but well worth it if we can make it!
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Originally Posted by least View Post
Every time you resist the urge to drink, you get stronger.
Good for you, Sinderos! And what Least is saying is absolutely true...the more you are able to walk away from a situation sober that used to make you drink, the easier it gets to do so. Put yourself first here, and your sobriety first, too. You have to see both as the most important things right now.

Hope your Thursday is off to a good start and look forward to seeing you around later!
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