Caffiene and withdraw syptoms

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Unhappy Caffiene and withdraw syptoms

Should I stay away from caffiene when I am having withdraw syptoms from alcohol like shaking, puffy face and hot cold flashes?
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Oh, yes. Stay away from caffiene. Try ensure or energy drinks. Caffeiene in my experience will only mkae you shakier and more anxious.

Best to you, and congratulations on your decision to quit. Keep posting and let us know your progress.
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Originally Posted by Kayla50 View Post
Should I stay away from caffiene when I am having withdraw syptoms from alcohol like shaking, puffy face and hot cold flashes?
As much as I love my coffee & am struggling w\ my anxiety I have a cup of coffee here and can tell you yea it is so NOT the way to go lol WATER & Vitamin B seemed to help me early on day 1 and all .. I probably should have stuck w\ it, But damn it I need my coffee lol Ohhh and Ghost is right on w\ the Ensure too I use to have to drink that after surgery and I kinda got hooked on it :p But seeing as it is $10+ a six here; it would have cut into my booze money :p Maybe I should go pick some up ..
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This last time, I inadvertently quit coffee for the first few days of withdrawal (I was just too sick and wrecked to be bothered to brew any up) and I realized in retrospect it ultimately probably contributed to feeling even *worse,* since caffeine withdrawal is such a doozy on its own. I guess it depends on what your caffeine habit was like pre-withdrawal...for me, going from a pot of day to zero is practically worse than withdrawal from the booze, so both at the same time is pretty godawful, and I probably would have felt better having at least some caffeine. But you certainly know your body best...! And of course caffeine is never a substitute for lots and lots of water.
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Maybe there is a correlation between caffeine and withdrawals. However, if you drink coffee or tea like I do, you're hooked. Don't double your discomfort by trying to quit alcohol and whatever caffeine loaded beverage you consume.
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A lot of the recovery literature recommends that you stay away from caffeine, but I've never had a problem with it. I need my 2-3 cups of Peet's coffee every day.

Here are a few hints. I mix my beans with 1/2 caffeinated and 1/2 decaffeinated. If you want to stop drinking coffee, I've found that if you slowly decrease the caffeine over a week you do not have any withdrawal symptoms.

I continue to drink coffee since becoming sober with no ill effects. I'm sure some people respond differently though. Try the 1/2 and 1/2 method and see if it works for you.
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