End of day 4... thoughts of drinking again

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End of day 4... thoughts of drinking again

Made it to the end of day 4. Was just laying in bed with my son and thinking maybe I will be able to drink again. The last 4 days have been easy, no cravings. Tonight was the first night I thought about drinking. I know I can't, but I hate when the little guy on my shoulder tells me " you can drink, it will be fine" when I know it won't.
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Sneaky evil voice... Mine told me today (day 21) that in a couple months I should stock my bar again for entertaining guests.
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stay with it - 4 days is great but you're at the beginning of this thing, not the end fish

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4 days - nice. You have a long way to go. I hope you are considering AA, treatment, or peer/professional counseling.
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Don't believe the lie! You can't drink!

Keep posting!
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I agree with everyone else, stick with it. It really will get better and easier as time goes on. That addictive voice of ours is a little devil.
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I hate that voice. I'm hearing it too and I'm only at the end of my day 1.
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My AV tells me that same lie sometimes. I don't know if it will ever fully go away but for me it has gotten so much quieter & spaced out. It's like I know mid thought & just say "forget about that, all lies"! And I like being sober now which is a point that also took some time to get to but it does happen. Some days are better than others but when sober there is nothing I can't handle. Also I won't create more problems due to my drinking. Think through the drink. The first week is hard and you're doing great. Just keep moving forward.
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Do you have a support group ? other than here I mean. Sometimes face to face interaction is nice
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Hi Fish,

I learned the hard way. In the past I threw away more than a year's sobriety thinking (stupidly) that my system must have reset itself and that I could go back to normal drinking. Of course my drinking soon escalated and it took several years to get back on the wagon. This time I knew deep down this was now a decision for life - and now I treasure my sobriety in a way that I didn't before.

Those early days are a pain, and can be difficult. But you only have to do them once.
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