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Unhappy Help

Hi, I'm new to this website. I've been an alcoholic for around 10 years and recently my drinking has been escalating fast. I stayed home from work today because I am having some withdrawel symptoms. I have never been drunk at this job but I'm sure my bosses are wondering what is up with me because my anxiety and depression has been obvious. I really want to get sober and I have meetings I go to. I just thought this site would also be helpful in keeping me from picking up a bottle. I am miserable and my life is out of control.
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As someone once posted here; using all tools available is the best thing you can do to fight it and I applaud you for that .. Some really good info and Some really GREAT folks here .. So hopefully someone will be a better help then I am right now :p
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I know how it feels when your life is out of control and you don't know how to make it stop. I'm glad you found us and posted. There is a lot of support and good information here and lots of tips on how to recover.
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welcome Kayla- there's a lot of support here

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Welcome to SR Kayla

I remember feeling like you do about my boss at work. I must have seemed a right state. I managed to get sober without taking time out which seems like a miracle now. I'm sure you'll find this place invaluable to you x
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This is a great place and lots of people offering support who are in all stages of recovery, with different experiences and techniques to aid sobriety.
Read, post, vent, cry, laugh...24-7 there's someone here.
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12 May 2013
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You're certainly not alone here Kayla

I found going through this site and reading about other people's experiences really helped me. This is only my third day being dry, but I have found it isn't so hard this time around because I don't feel alone now.

Best of luck to you and best wishes!
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I wish my shakes would go away. I'm so uncomfortable. And my face it hot, red and puffy.
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Learning to live again
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Hi Kayla - I'm sorry you're feeling bad right now, but it will pass - & you never have to feel that way again. I'm glad you found us - I hope you'll feel better tomorrow. (Maybe you could see a doctor to help you through withdrawal?)
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Welcome Kayla- You have come to the right place
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