New here, wanna get sober, Looking for advice\support

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Well it's the end of day 3 and still haven't had a drink. So far cravings haven't been bad just keeping myself busy with other stuff and going to bed early so I forget about it. I wake up at 5am and goto the gym/exercise so that helps, plus at the end of the day my body is tired so its easier to go to sleep earlier. Tomorrow is Thursday which is like "early weekend" for so many. Hopefully it'll won't be bad!
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Originally Posted by OneLessLonely View Post
Grats on 36 hours! Glad you are feeling better. Stay vigilant. Addiction has a sneaky way of making you forget that you want and need to quit. Checking in here daily reminded me of my true desire to become sober. There are lots of different ways people are getting sober. Keep reading here and never rule anything out. Always be willing to keep trying new methods. I got and have stayed sober with this site, started working on my life issues with counseling, and will always be open to try additional measures if needed. Because being sober is worth it. You never have to have another hangover, be told what you did the previous night, or have that post drinking anxiety or guilt ever again.

Very well put my friend. Thank-you!!!!
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And congratulations on day 3!!!! That is huge!
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Originally Posted by abefroman View Post
Cold turkey is what I am considering. I find that a lot of afternoons I drink just because I have nothing better to do.
Welcome! Time is always a dangerous thing, I have to make it a point to schedule things in my free time (not that I have a ton of it with work and three kids) but nights get dangerous for me. Exercise, reading, and attempting to go to bed a little earlier have helped.

Glad you have a supportive wife, that makes a difference.
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Wow day 4 already and I am a little irritable but overall okay. It's been quite a long time since I haven't drank in 4 days. I am beginning to find when I walk in the door from work I eat something almost immediately and it takes away the urge to drink. Prolly not the best for the diet but better than getting hammered and waking up with the hangover and guilt tomorrow. Looking forward to tackling the weekend and staying BUSY
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Yep, worry about the diet later. I need to substitute some exercise for some of my generous helpings of chocolate ice cream.
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Congratulations on day 4, Abe (and welcome to SR)!
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Welcome! First off, you're not alone in facing this. We've been where you are. There is a way to get to a better place than you are now. There is hope!

When I came here 7 months ago my life was a train wreck. I maintained the appearance of normalcy but my life was a nightmare I seemingly couldn't wake from. Back then I was drinking three bottles of wine every nite, 7/365. Minimum 21 bottles just as a baseline and more if it was a "special occasion." And of course a special occasion was any day I knew I could get away with more (eg. day before my day off or if I had the chance to get an early start).

As much as I drank I feared quitting cold turkey could be fatal, and I worried that I was so physiologically dependent of booze that I might need something like Antabuse to stop. What I found was AVRT. I encourage you to google it was I'm not allowed to link to it. The material is free and can be studied in half an hour. That half an hour might change your life, save your life.

I made my Big Plan right then and there. I decided I was never going to drink again and that I'd never change my mind. It's been seven months now and I haven't had a drop. Most shocking to me, I had no withdrawals at all and virtually no cravings. In the end I think my body and soul had had enough of being drunk all the time, and I was ready to lay down the heavy burden of booze that carried like a cross for the last 25 years.

Maybe AVRT is for you. But if not, try something else. So long as you're alive, you can change. You know the great thing about right now? It's always now! We live perpetually in the only time that gives us a chance to control our lives.

Welcome to SR! It's a great community and there's always someone here for you. I hardly recognize the shambling mess I used to be, and hopefully in a few months you can look back and say the same thing.
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WE all would like to do it ourselfs

You wouldn't be the first one wanting to get sober on there own.... I tried many times... sometime with being able to put some good amount of days.. But I always relapsed... We have no defense from that first drink, until we do the steps... Try other meetings, I like mens meetings... accually my favorite day of the week is tuesday when i get to goo see my friends and carry the message!

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Red face

Originally Posted by GroundhogDay View Post
Yep, worry about the diet later. I need to substitute some exercise for some of my generous helpings of chocolate ice cream.
lol yea the cravings for sweets hasnt been too bad. dear god please dont let them start!
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