Decisions made!

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Decisions made!

I've been giving lots of thought on how to stay sober. This is my game plan:

1) put aside my fears of someone I know finding out I have a problem and go to AA.
2) become active at the gym
3) put in extra time at the office until my desk is in better shape (we're short handed so I've been a little stressed)
4) become active at church (actually go on Sundays and find somewhere to connect)
5) pick up learning to play the piano again

Part of the problem with me is feeling so lonely. Before I divorced, I was very active and was constantly doing something. I didn't drink alcohol at all. Things were different then though I did have a teenager. Now it's just me and my little dog. I have a bf but that relationship is not a healthy one. He is an in-denial alcoholic and doesn't do anything but sit at home and drink. If I suggest we go to dinner it causes a fight. I've realized I have to let him go so I can move forward and get well. He's the only friend I have so following the steps above will help me stay sober and develop friendships so I don't feel so isolated.

Putting this in writing helps much! I will get sober and have a happy productive life!!!!
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Awesome plan Sinderos! I, too, found that life changed significantly after my divorce. I like your plan to keep busy and find sober-minded people. My bf, too, is a drinker and I find the longer I stay sober the more time we spend apart. Keep checking in on is a great place for information as well as support
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I think having a plan and keeping busy are key. I've been sticking to a regiment that seems to be working. Without it I'd have no focus and too much time on my hands. Deciding that being well is more important that worrying about what people think of you is a big step but a great relief (at least for me). I think learning to play an instrument is a wonderful idea and I hope to do the same soon. I used to play guitar put it down for a long time. Thank you for your post!
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Sounds like a good plan Sinderos, hope you can find the strength to stick to it. Hopefully SR fits somewhere in those 5 steps too!

Regarding your step #1, that's a common fear it seems. In reality though I think you'll find that a lot of people know about your problem already. As much as we try to hide it and think we are fooling everyone, in many cases we are not. The puffy face, the next morning stink, the sallow eyes - people notice. I'm amazed at how much I notice it in other people now that I never would have before.
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ScottfromWI, SR will be a daily thing for me!!!! This site has been a huge help already!!!
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I think you have made a very healthy decision. Its good to see that you thought all this through, and now have a plan of action. Bravo!
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