Mood swings when not drinking

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Mood swings when not drinking

I have another post regarding supplements but this one is more specific. A little background... I have been a heavy drinker for several years and have managed only to cut back. Longest I have been sober in the past 3 years is 4 days. I am trying for complete sobriety. I am taking a Multi, B complex, folate, L glut, Vit D, omega 3, and a probiotic. I have some gut issues.
So, I was great yesterday morning. It was day 2. I was very happy and my confidence was high. I felt great. I went to my moms and my sisters were there drinking mimosas. I declined (very rare) and they pushed. I was good at saying no until my sisters started talking about what there husbands got them for mothers day blah blah. I have been a single mom for the past 12 years. I got sad. My mood completely switched and I drank a mimosa. Then I went to the store and drank some more.
My mood switches so quickly and it is hard to control. I know that the neurotransmitters and hormones get all messed up with alcohol abuse. I am wondering if this is contributing to my mood swings? A former doc had mentioned ADD. I have a dx of OCD (pretty stable).
If the mood swings are due to lack of alcohol to my brain, then how do I restore whatever is missing or not working.
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HI Diha. It MIGHT be to your advantage to go to a detox for a good start over the hurtle. Medical help and close assistance is key for some of us. BE WELL
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Hi, Diha.

I think there's no magic pill that will fix damage made by alcohol. Swinging mood is part of recovery, just accept it. We've all been there. Don't drink and give your body and mind a chance to heal itself. While in early sobriety try to avoid situations where is booze around and someone pushes you to drink. Your sobriety is like a baby now and needs protection and support. But later it will grow and will protect you.

Best luck to you, keep posting/
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I think that once you stop drinking for good, your moods will begin to stabilize. It takes time and patience and some hard work, but you will be able to do it.
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For me, all it would take is some tiny bit of stress and I'd have a beer in my hand. Any trigger anywhere. Someone saying something that hit me deep inside ... forget it. What I've done differently this time is I vocalize my hurt and anger when I feel it. Some of my friends/family think I've flipped because I just let it all out and I used to be so quiet. It's helping though. Hang in there, keep posting!
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Leshar (05-13-2013)
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Like Anna said, quit drinking, then analyze your mental state. You need a length of sober time as a baseline for your emotions. Not two days worth.

If you use your mood swings as a justification to drink, you will continue to have them and you will continue to drink. Not drinking the second your day turns crappy is the key to getting through recovery.
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You have to be sober for a period of time to even know what is going on chemicaly/mentally. Any Dr will tell you that before they can help you and diagnose you you must be sober. You will have mood swings for sure if you are drinking on and off. It sucks but its the truth. Even if a Dr were to give you a "magic pill" it wont work for long.
Try and stay sober or detox and get some advice from a medical proffessional. I totally understand the frustration I really do....
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Hi diha, I'm sorry to hear what happened. Do your mother and your sisters know that you are addressing your heavy drinking? If they do, it would seem unfair that they "pushed" you to drink.
Have you talked with them about your plans? Maybe get them on your side?
I think as others say, only time and perseverance will tell wrt your mood instability.
Today is a new day.
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I'd agree Diha, I was a trainwreck the first couple weeks after quitting. Heck, my emotions are still a bit out of wack 4 months in. All those years/decades of drinking every day don't just get erased from our brain in a few weeks.

As someone else mentioned, perhaps assisted Detox might help get you over the hump. A lot of places have outpatient now that is even scheduled to work around people's work schedules. And of course you want to remove yourself from situations where you will have access to or be pressured to drink.

Regarding all the supplements, some may be helpful but that's really dependent on your body and blood chemistry. The only person who can give you a concrete answer on which ones you might want to (or not) take would be a physician.
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deeker (05-13-2013)
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Hello. After a period of time, with sobriety, your moods should start to stabilize. If they do not, I would go to my GP and see what is going on. I think that it is normal for US to be all over the place in the beginning. Sobriety is well worth the effort. Give yourself some breathing room, and know that you are doing the best thing possible for yourself.
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I am nearing a year and I still have mood swings, though they are becoming less and less frequent and not as severe. It is just something you have to deal with and work on. Last night for example, my daughter (3) was crying about going to bed. It used to drive me up a wall and cause uncontrollable outbursts which would end up getting drowned in alcohol before the night was through. Last night I gave my daughter a kiss and rubbed her back for a little while until she fell asleep. No way that would have happened a year ago.
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You putting a chemical in your body that affects your brain.
Trying more vitamins and seeking out a diagnosis now would not be accurate to what's really going on.
As everyone's said try and get a decent amount of sober time under your belt without booze and see how you feel then.
...and when things get tough reach out to who ever you can rather than the bottle.

I've had all sorts of diagnosis', been sectioned in secure units etc.
When I'm sober i'm relatively stable. I don't currently take any medications, where as there was a time I was on about 8 + booze and a complete wreck.
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deeker (05-13-2013)
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It was my addiction which caused my mood swings. I would basically get angry and indignant about stuff so I could justify drinking. When I completely removed the option of drinking I got less angry because there was no point seeing as I couldn't drink... eventually it all evened out. But I won't lie to you, it was an emotional rollercoaster for some months x
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To be honest, now I don't drink I don't get the same mood swings.

I also seem to be able to 'laugh' myself out of a bad mood too.
I've developed coping mechanisms to sort of laugh at myself when I am grumpy. I think to myself really, is this such a huge big deal. Then I start smiling.
I also find ringing someone else helps too.

I think the lack of bad moods is also because life is a lot more stable now. Not as many bad things happen.
I created a lot of my own trouble by drinking.

The early days were hard, but now its second nature.

My best to you
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I agree with the others diha - there's no stability when we're drinking - even on days 'between drinks' when I was sober I was still up and down.

I reckon it took me 3 months of abstinence to find an emotional equilibrium.

And... being around drinkers when I was trying to quit, especially ones who were pushing me to drink, always made me sad.

I wanted to join in. I usually did.

I don't think you need to dig any deeper for an analysis on that one.

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No good enough excuse to pick up a drink. Next time come in here and ask for help first. It works. I have seen it work.

Are you holding onto some reservations? Sometimes we don't tell our loved ones we are absolutely done cuz we want to leave that little opening for weakness. We don't want to commit so we can get away with it one more time or in case we change our mind. Are you done?

If you are,
Gotta take a stand, Mom, I am done drinking, Sis I am done drinking.Don't offer me a drink ever. I am done drinking.

If they don't support that , then you need to not be around them when they are drinking.

If you are not willing to tell them that, then you are not done drinking.
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I think it's important for you to think about what you can do next time you find yourself in that situation as looks like it may be somewhat of a trigger for you. So maybe have a little affirmation in your mind that will remind you that you are wonderful when you find your mood turning. Having done some counselling sessions in the past, I found being mindful of your thoughts and moods is such a gift that we all have if we can tap into it. Definitely recommend googling mindfulness or checking out some literature on it. It can help you counteract some of your mood swings and catch any negative thoughts before they take over be well and good luck! x
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I did not expect to get that many responses. I have told my family before that I was trying to quit and then they try to get me to drink. They are big drinkers and that's just what we have always done. I am sober today and my mood was okay. I got pretty anxious after work because I did not know what to do with myself. Tomorrow (day 2) is when I get sad usually. Not tomorrow though. I am going to do everything that I can to stay positive. Thank you everyone.
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Good for you Diha. I have a small suggestion: tell people you have quit rather than you're trying to quit, it makes a huge difference in their minds as well as your own.
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I don't think being sad is a mood swing... I drank over any feeling- sad, happy, elated, depressed, angry. Feelings are going to be with us until the day we die & they have been my biggest triggers. Now I realize I don't have to drink over them. Getting through them gets easier w time (I'm finding)
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