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not grateful

If I hear one more person say they are a "grateful alcoholic" I'm going to scream. I am feeling why me, this sucks, now I have to worry about my kids growing up with this same problem..... thinking a lot of things that make me feel anything but grateful. But this is the end of day 2 back in the rooms of AA. I guess I'm grateful for that.
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it took for me
many more slips back to the pit
to realize that yes I'm grateful to be sober

I used to say that I was a grateful alcoholic
I didn't even have a clue of what being grateful was
until many years later
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Someone once told me only saints or idiots would feel grateful at the end of day 2 fishforever.

Early recovery is rough. But it gets better.
We change too.

Maybe someday, like me, you'll be grateful for all the things, good and bad, that bought you to where you are today

Til then - hang in there - each day brings us closer and closer to being ok with all of this

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There is a guy in my group who says, "today I am so grateful to be an alcoholic, my name is so and so." I used to think, what the French toast is this guy talking about. But it has dawned on me... Everyone has issues. Everyone. Being an alcoholic, at least we have somewhere to go and work those things out. At least, that is how I will look at it.

Welcome back!
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I often had the same reaction when I heard that in the rooms. For me, I hate being an alcoholic and I am certainly not grateful that I am. What I AM grateful for, is that I realized I am an alcoholic and did something about it before it robbed me of everyone and everything - including my life which it would have taken for sure eventually.

So, grateful to be an alcoholic? Nope. Grateful to have self-awareness and control my issue to the best of my ability? You bet.

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Must be an AA thing. I can't fathom why anyone would be grateful for being an alcoholic. There are some doctrinal things in AA that baffle me. I don't mean that to bash it, I've never tried it. Just sounds a little weird to me.
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i think there's a big difference between being "a grateful alcoholic" and being "grateful to be an alcoholic." i'm a grateful alcoholic because i am in recovery now and i know i could be a lot worse off. i'm grateful that i'm developing new friendships through AA. i'm grateful for my loving husband and that i have a warm, safe place to put my head down every night. i'm grateful that my health is good.

am i grateful to be an alcoholic? i don't really know. i do know that in my sobriety, i've come to have a new perspective on life. i'm grateful for the experiences that made me who i am today because i don't know how sober me would act or who she would be. i feel grateful for the daily reprieve i have from my disease. i know my alcoholism has taught me a lot about the human experience and it's lead me to open the door to my spiritual relationship with my God. i know that i'm making wonderful friends from all walks of life which would have been difficult to do without the Fellowship of AA. sure, my alcoholism has done me a lot of harm but i accept that that's who i am. i could cry all day long about my disease but what good is that? i'd rather concentrate on the good and have gratitude in my heart.
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