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Rate your drinking habits

alcoholism isn't about how much, which kind, or how often one drinks.

it's about not living without drinking.

if it's a non-issue, stop drinking altogether. only those with a real problem spend a lot of time managing and controlling their intake.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Rethinking Drinking - NIAAA

12 fl oz of
regular beer
8-9 fl oz of
malt liquor
5 fl oz of
table wine
3-4 oz of
fortified wine
(such as sherry or port; 3.5 oz shown)
2-3 oz of
cordial, liqueur, or aperitif
(2.5 oz shown)
1.5 oz of
(a single jigger or shot)
1.5 fl oz shot of
80-proof spirits or "hard liquor"

ALL equal the same amount of ethanol alcohol.

For men, no more than 4 drinks on ANY given DAY and no more than 14 drinks per WEEK.

For women, no more than 3 drinks on ANY given DAY and no more than 7 drinks per WEEK.


Compare your drinking here:

What's your pattern? - Rethinking Drinking - NIAAA
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Hi Valery, welcome to SR and congrats on your decision to cut back. I really hope it works!

I joined this forum a few months ago and it's helped me immensely in providing very honest, genuine and non-judgemental support in my decision to commit to my own sobriety. Before I quit, I was drinking about a bottle of wine (sometimes two) per evening. I usually only drank wine or champagne (sometimes vodka or bourbon on the weekends) and I never drank more than two drinks when in public. No-one ever considered me an alcoholic because I always drank my bottle of wine at home, and they still would never believe me if I told them today. I do know that it was however a strong vice that I didn't want anymore. I'm not even sure if I am an alcoholic or not, but I do know that I got to a point where I had to have my wine every single night of the week, and after that one glass and getting a buzz on, (which I promised myself I'd limit to 1 or 2) always resulted in me finishing the entire bottle. I also gained 20 pounds, and started looking quite different with a puffy face and gut, and even my hair lost it's thickness. After realizing that I didn't want to continue down that repetitive road, and numerous failed attempts at cutting back, I finally decided to try quitting completely. Honestly, that's the only thing that worked for me. It's been 3 1/2 months since I quit, and I've already lost 17 pounds. My friends can't believe how much better, younger and healthier I look. I feel better than ever and it's the best thing that I've ever done.

I hope you keep us updated on your progress. You have tons of support here!
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Wow SnwFlower, congrats on your success and weight loss! Thanks for sharing your story!
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It would be great if I could get to a place where a glass or two of wine would be enjoyable, meaning, if only a glass or two of wine would mellow me out, give me a slight buzz, just take me away for a bit. If only this could occur without triggering an intense craving for more alcohol. Since I know this can't happen, I don't try it. I have managed to stay sober by being honest with myself. When was the last time I had one or two drinks, stopped, and it was enjoyable? Alcohol just does not work for me that way. We are all different. If you can pull it off, our hats are off to you, so the saying goes. The idea of being able to sip socially is tempting as a hypothetical, I know what the reality is so I have steered clear. It is really difficult to say never again at the beginning, and no one says you have to. I could not fathom a life completely without alcohol. All I did at first was decide not to drink today. Just for today I will not drink. The fear of life without alcohol has been replaced by a fear of ever going back to it.
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Originally Posted by Valery View Post
I know were you are going with this and frankly am offended. I was actually living with him for a year. I moved out a month ago when I moved for work.

Like I said earlier, I am starting to think we aren't true alcoholics.
I wasn't really "going" anywhere, except to say that it may look like other people have cut back successfully when in reality it's not the case.
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