What My Alcoholism and Addiction Installed In Me!!!!

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What My Alcoholism and Addiction Installed In Me!!!!

My life isn't about finding myself. My Life is about creating myself.

Each day I can create days I am proud of. A new identitiy different and beautiful and unlike my past.

But I must not look at my past with regret because I am who I am today because of it.

My past was instrumental in bringing me to where I am today.

It has installed compassion in me for people who are alcoholics/addicts.

It has installed undertanding in me for people who have alcoholic/addicts in their lives.

It has installed understanding and patience in me for people with mental health issues as I am bi polar.

It has installed respect in me for law enforcement, seeing what they deal with on a daily basis. ( me-Jail 7 times)

It has installed in me a new perspective to see and respect professionalism and commitment in the medical community as I was a regular visitor of hospitals and psych wards etc.

It has installed in me forgiveness for others more easily because I have been forgiven.

It has installed in me a new respect for Cab drivers who put up with me drunk.

It has installed in me empathy for people who are in jail for non violent crimes as a result of their addiction.

It has installed in me a loving and nurturing heart for all children as I now know that they can be a product of their own environment.

It has installed empathy in me for the Unemployed as I was out of work and unable to find work for a long time.

It has installed in me compassion for homeless people as I was steps from the curb without my parents.

It has installed in me compassion for the hungry as I am on food stamps.

It has installed in me gratefulness for things I took for granted like a bed, a toilet, food.

It has installed in me more awareness of people with physical disabilities as I was paralyzed in a nursing home.

It has installed in me gratefulness for little things like being able to simply scartch an itch.

It has installed in me the ability to see and recognize strength in others in what seemed impossible situations.

But most of all it installed in me a need for God and for People.

Today I can say I am a grateful alkie/addict.

It made me who I am today!
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Thank you for sharing Deeker I think my alcoholism has installed a sense of humility as I began to realize that alcohol had a hold of me and I needed help from others to break that hold.
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