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Different methods work for different people, so you may need to try more than one. But read about the approaches at AA, AVRT, etc (not sure where link is).

The harder part IMO is making the changes to my own behavior and circumstances that contributed to my starting to drink in the first place. Change is scary and makes me anxious, even when it is positive change.
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Originally Posted by GreenEggsnHam View Post
I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by, "Stay away from first and 'just one' drink." Do you mean avoiding a "first drink" is my immediate goal, or that to think in terms of "just one drink" is counter productive because I need to think in terms of "no drinks ever?"
) Well, what I meant that this all starts from the first drink. It's usually "I'll get "just one" this time, and then I'll stop", which rarely happens. And just one turns into binge drinking.

Long-term goal is "no drinks ever". Just one is counter productive because it's self-deception. It's your addictive voice tries to get what it wants.

If "no drinks ever" scares you right now, say "I'm not going to drink just today" instead of "I'll get one more drink today and will quit tomorrow".

To make a long story short - stay away from booze. Don't deceive yourself with "I'll get just one" - never works.

Best wishes to you)
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try not drinking today.

when you wake up tomorrow, try not drinking for that "today."

Focus on today.

you can stay stopped, too!
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