day 1 again

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day 1 again

Yesterday felt good. Had a plan. Go to a meeting, not drink, would be fine. Not the case. Got home from work and had an intense craving. Could not overcome it. Tried mowing the lawn. That did not work. Ended up going out buying wine and the rest is history. Going to a meeting this am, hopefully will get some guidance. My first time getting sober I had no intense cravings, not sure how to work them out. Any advice would be helpful.
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You got time the intense cravings occur seek out another person in recovery and see where you can be of alcoholic helping another alcoholic is how we get sober and live sober...simple phone call or going to a meeting or meeting F2F for conversation.

And Yes it is just that simple

Best to you
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Originally Posted by fishforever View Post
My first time getting sober I had no intense cravings, not sure how to work them out.
The question I see asked a lot is what made you drink after the first time you got sober? If there were no cravings, then what was it?

I think whatever it was may still be there.
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Hi. When I first got to AA I unfortunately did not want to do what the hard liners suggested and tried and tried my foolish ways and I got worse until I surrendered to following directions. Guess what? It's worked for over 30 years for me! I've become a hard liner as I see so many repeating the same old same old, expecting different results. It starts with getting honest with ourselves. Next we don't pick up the first drink even if our ast falls off. The hows are posted here and at AA meetings IF we want them and surrender to toxic alcohol. Simple tho not always easy
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I am with you.. Same thing happened to me. Went out for a movie with 3 other couples. We met in a bar and everyone had a few drinks and i stuck to the Arnold Palmer. After the movie, we went out to a restaurant. I had been fighting cravings and succumbed to one glass of scotch and a glass of wine. I feel like crap this morning.

My body does not metabolize even a small quantity of alcohol. It is screaming at me to stop drinking and here I go again and have a drink.

Back to day 1 and back to this site on a regular basis
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Everyone in recovery has cravings. You have yo resist and do the right thin when you get them. They will pass.
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Great that you are back seeking support and suggestions! I found that it was good to think about a craving as simply a habit. It was a habit for me to want to drink. My goal in sobriety is to change my habits; to not drink. Once you learn to work through wanting to drink a few times it does become easier. Your brain will begin to rewire itself to the new healthier habit of not drinking.
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The right thing is foreign to many and is often referred to as the tools. We find them in these forums and AA meetings. Number one tool is being honest with ourselves and sometimes that's a lot of work in itself as demonstrated in so many posts. BE WELL
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I understand how you feel. Today is day 24 for me and yesterday I had some intense cravings and almost fell off the wagon. I've had a few other days recently that its been really intense but I've worked through it. What has helped me is going to AA meetings, keeping a journal, exercise, really thinking it through about what is going to happen (if I'm honest with myself I really don't want just a couple drinks-I want to get drunk).

Yesterday after work I just kept telling myself to put it off just don't drink today. I went to the store and bought items to bake this new cake my friend had told me about-it might be weird but I was actually excited about baking the cake I told myself I was going to get to a meeting but didn't make it but today I am definitley going to a meeting.

I also try to realize that this urge to drink is just a feeling and feelings change or pass - sometimes really sooner than we might think.

I know how you feel, I've had the times I felt like I just couldn't do it. I'm trying to develop a program and contantly remind myself that it starts with the first drink. Its taken me a long time to accept that. Take care!
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Originally Posted by fishforever View Post

Going to a meeting this am, hopefully will get some guidance.
I went to a lot of meetings in early sobriety
still attend a few even today
for me
it is a combination of
AA meetings, Church, bible studies
and a few good moral men in my life
that helps me to stay sober
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Guys I feel your pain.

I had monster cravings last weekend. We where at a Mexican restaurant for cinco de mayo. The ritas looked so good.

Anyway, I was pretty awful, but I didnt drink, and the craving past.

I had to pry my @$$ off about it and play the tape through as they say. I called my sponsor, and he helped also.

I have relapsed so many times, because I never did any real recovery work. I just wanted to go to a meeting for an hour and be cured. I have found I had to start using the peoples help outside the meeting room.

My will power only keeps me sober for a short while. I'm weak.
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I think reaching out when we have cravings - before we drink, not after, really helps.

It certainly helped me.

The more we look for other solutions beyond giving in the urge, the easier it gets.

Like any skill, not giving into cravings takes a little practice, but it's not impossible

This technique was useful too

Do not believe that voice that tells you that you 'cannot overcome it'.
It lies.

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