Feeling like I need to add to my recovery efforts

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Feeling like I need to add to my recovery efforts

I'm feeling like I need to add something to my recovery efforts. I have 5 months. I've been down recovery lane many moons ago and was clean and sober for 13 years. I relapsed for quite awhile and now back. I do know in general what I need to do. I think the issue for me now is that I'm somewhat moving beyond "don't drink no matter what". I got that although I'm not going to get to complacent about it. What I NEED to do is to associate with more people like me...sober people. I am spending less time with my SO who is an alcoholic. It's been hard but I'm doing it. I know sober people are in recovery groups but I'm not a fan of AA/NA. I'm a bit of a loner lately and realize, however, that this is where I need to at least start. I am going to a meeting this afternoon. I'm trying to keep an open mind.
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The more I am sober, the more I notice that most people don't drink. When we drink, we always made sure we go places where alcohol is readily available, and if not how we can plan to have some hidden or sneak away to get it.

So if you want to hang out with sober people more, recovery groups aren't the only place to find them. You can actually go just about anywhere.
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Try many different ones. I have been to some where they are very anal and scripted and some that are very laidback. Some are very large, some are small. I found a group that is very laidback and small. That is my home group and is a perfect fit for me. Keep searching until you find one that feels right for you.
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I think cranking up the recovery a notch, perhaps with AA/NA, or life ring, Celebrate Recovery, or a SMART meeting, is a great idea. No one "gets" it like we do.

Originally Posted by soberclover View Post
What I NEED to do is to associate with more people like me...sober people.
I was going to say what Scott said; there are tons of sober people doing all kinds of activites and following their interests, without alcohol, because they aren't alcoholics. So just about anything you decide to do--take an art class, learn a craft, volunteer--you are going to be around sober people.
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I need to be around recovering people...

I'm a chameleon and tend to gravitate toward what's going on around me.

If I could make up my mind to be/stay sober I would have done it years (decades) ago. I need help.

All the best.

Bob R
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What about some kind of class? Painting, drawing, pottery, yoga, on and so forth?
I dont know. I think that you are fabulous. I know that you will find something that works for you.
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