Comfortably numb

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Comfortably numb

That state I allow myself to settle into. I find a warm spot and don't move. It's my nature. Some may call it a rut.

When I was drinking it was a rut. The well worn path I made between my front door and the bar / liquor store. I could predict each day with certainty. Get up. Try to sober up and drink water. Head to work and hope no one asks me anything or notices. Come home with excitement that I could be free to drink. Change clothes and walk across to the bar. Get blasted. Blackout. Pass out. Get up the next morning with no memory or fuzzy collections of flashes of behavior.

All in all a pretty soothing set of events everyday. Weekends were the same without the rude interruption of work.

Now sober I find its my nature to find that comfortably numb existence. It was not alcohol based.

I went through some bad stuff in December. Things that should have shaken me loose from my life. I should have by now turned it all upside down. But the rhythm of my routine beats loud. I want change but not to much. I want change as long as nothing has to be disturbed.

I don't want my comfortably numb life to be impacted by what's needed for a heathy life. That should be the new definition for insane.

I tell myself I will get up the strength to change it all in a few months. That there are a list of reasons to do nothing. Then I picture the events unfolding and I can barely stand the thoughts.

Stopping drinking does not solve things as we know. It clarifies them but does not make them disappear.

Being sober is letting me get to the point that I can make change happen. Stick a pin in me to see if I am really numb.

I will get there. The is no time limit of when I execute on the plan. Just as long as I have a plan to execute.
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This post struck a cord with me; 6 months sober and I feel content at times but also stuck in the new normal I've made for myself without alcohol and drugs. I do maintain my sobriety but I haven't chosen to tackle some other hard issues confronting me and its clearly holding me back from having the kind of freedom and happiness I crave. The current pattern seems to be wake up, read, exercise, clean, mull over the Internet.... Avoid friends and family as much as possible.... I am existing in a cypher. Not sure what to do next. It's too easy this way and yet I feel that something is missing. There is no passion or zest for life. I just survive and avoid it all. Is it so bad I'm dying? No. Is it boring and unfulfilling at times? Most certainly. What to do what to do..... Yawn....

Take care my friend thanks for the insight.
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the neutral zone can be very difficult to navigate. Extra difficult times can sometimes if one is committed to sobriety be strengthening. To post on this is a positive ie recognition leads to action so paradoxically there is no problem. It's a process best served sober.
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