how to deal with work?

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how to deal with work?

I've getting really upset lately with my job the last Month or so. I'm a graphic designer and had about 5 jobs out of college. I'm pretty good with designing and with every job I got, I always stand out. Also I work good with other designers that know how to design whatever comes along. Well, they hired a copyrighter/editor. Someone that knows how to do copy and write. I can completely why they hired her. I couldn't do what should could do in a million years. But should know trying to tell me how to design,l everything when I see her work from what I'm I to do. Its completely garbage. My say is no say. So that me I know longer or can think of anything to design when it comes to it.

I talk about it to my boss and it just that. Now, I'm having trouble just enjoy myself, there. I just don't feel doing the job anymore there. They are nice people and I messed up so many times not coming to work because getting drunk. Even thought they still owe me 9 weeks of back pay but that's an other issue of topic to deal with.

Any thoughts on it?
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As long as you can still do your work, keep at it. It's a good thing to have a job, any job, in these days. I hope you can work out something good from this arrangement.
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I've been stressing mass at work lately.
A little different situation but I am trying to stick it out....

Show up for work and do your job is what I would suggest.
Good luck...
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You seem to be pretty powerless over this situation and person. You could talk to senior management about it. But you have to be wary as to whether this will make the situation better or worse. I have had a very stressful several months at work and I've had to just keep letting go of it all. If I can't do anything about it I have to give up struggling to change things and just let them run their course.

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BabyJane (05-10-2013)
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Breathe. Do good work. Go home. Repeat.
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Humans are often found at work. In any group of humans there is often at least one the rubs us the wrong way. I'm trying to learn to forgive and not give into my anger. It sounds like a great idea but it's DIFFICULT when someone is acting superior especially at work. I'm no Buddha! I'm trying though. It's part of the hard work I need to do to keep my sobriety intact. What is helping is figuring out the boundaries of my skills. When someone steps into one of the boundaries I realize I can discuss it intelligently and not defer to people who just act like they know better.
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I'm a writer so I know the relationship you're talking about pretty well. It's difficult! The copywriter has certain goals and the designer has certain goals. Of course their shared goal is a good final product, but along the way I guarantee that there will be disagreements over how to get there.

Have you tried setting up a meeting just to discuss how the two of you work together? I do frequent check ins with the designers I work with to help me understand their working styles better. And that makes it a lot easier when conflict does arise... if it's already been discussed, it's a lot easier to laugh about it and smooth it over.
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time to see the new me

Originally Posted by ACT10Npack View Post

They are nice people and I messed up so many times not coming to work because getting drunk.

Any thoughts on it?
resentments are a killer for us
best to just be pleased that we still have a job (many don't)
we should face the facts that our past was not the best
takes those around us some time to see the new me

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I have about 20 years experience as an Art Director in both corporate settings and agency settings.
So I have a lot of thoughts about your situation but I need a lot more information.
I'm working right now so I won't be able to respond for about 10 hours or so.
If you're interested send me a message.
Some of the things I'd like to know is:
Are you working in an agency or in a corporate setting?
If you're in a corporate setting are you in a marketing department?
What is the title of the person you report to? What is the title of the person they report to?
I don't know what your boss said
I talk about it to my boss and it just that.
That doesn't tell me anything so I'd need to know a lot more about what your boss said.

Without any further information my advice would be to do the best work you can right now. Also, start looking for another job. It doesn't hurt to look. If you find something you don't have to take it.

Oh, stay sober. Anger is a great trigger.
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