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Originally Posted by MythOfSisyphus View Post
There are thousands of us like you! I thought I was "functioning", too, but once you stop you realize your old idea of what functional was was pretty minimal! You'll do everything better once you're sober. To a married person booze is like having an affair. It steals time and attention that should go be going to your spouse and child. Try this- go a week without drinking, then hang out with a couple of friends that are slobbering drunk. You won't believe what an arse they make of themselves or how annoying they are! Then remember that you're just like that to your husband.

The human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself once you stop poisoning yourself. While you could possibly have done serious damage to your health, continuing to drink wouldn't only make it worse.

The idea of stopping can be terrifying. I know, it scared me. Rest assured though that there's so much good life on the other side, trust me on that!

Welcome to SR!
Thanks Myth. I'm doing ok. While I"d kill for a wine right now, I've got pans heating up and dinner to cook. I have books to read and pamphlets that community alcohol services gave me today.
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Originally Posted by mrsc07 View Post
Thanks Switch, I'm trying to focus on housework and keeping my almost 5 year old entertained :-) and about to start cooking at is what a ridiculously early hour for me, usually I give my son something to eat and then cook for my husband and I when son is asleep. But tonight I'll have something ready for when husband gets home so we can eat together.
This is my second attempt at quitting (tried 6 months ago and thought I could moderate - I can't), and a nice side effect of those first few days is how clean my house gets :-)
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Like you mrsc07 I was a mum who drank. 5 o'clock most days I felt I deserved a glass of wine and most day's ended with me sitting on the sofa drinking and eating rubbish. It's only day 12 for me but I already appreciate the extra time I give my children at bedtime, reading and just having a chat about their day instead of being desperate to get back downstairs to my wine.
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Well being the same age as you I decided to quit at Xmas... 3 failed attempts on my own but last week went to doctor and had LFT, got Thiamine and MV and some Chlordiazepoxide and after drinking 12-15 beers per day (and what ever else I could get my hands on) for almost 10 years my LFT came back Good/Satisfactory (a lot of drinkers are afraid to visit for all the aches and pains you get in your abdomen by drinking but are mostly caused by gas and excess acid- but the liver is a strong and amazing healer) so that gave me to boost to now to stick it out - I can live the rest of my days without worrying my liver will explode. Right now I feel great but I still have that niggling "one won't hurt" in the back of my mind but I just keep imagining how much better I will feel next week
... day 8 now so good luck and stay strong
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