Hello, sorry dull but what else could I say?

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Hello, sorry dull but what else could I say?

I'm 9 days sober today! I did my detox in an in patient unit as I just couldn't stop. I was hospitalised twice in the last three weeks due to alcoholism and on the second occasion a pilot scheme ( I won't name either the project or the detox unit just in case I get told off! ) intervened and offered me a place on a 10 bed ward for a seven day detox. I grabbed with both hands and was in there within a few hours. It went really well and being in that bubble really helped. I was in with a great group of guys where we could laugh at each other ( I.E, I put a bowl of water out for the zebra in my room somwhere on the first night whilst another guy had us all up on his first night dragging us out of bed screaming that we were in his dads house and we had trashed the place! ) )I came out yesterday and the reality hit me, HARD. I felt ( still do ) paranoid, anxious, nervous, emotional and panic stricken, shell shocked and shaky. The zebra's have mostly gone though just the occasional skittery in my peripheral vision!!! but..... There is no way I'm picking up again. As I said a great group of guys, including two of the most tragic men I think I ever saw through alcoholism. One was my age and would have been dead within a week had this project not intervened, the other a man with 'wet brain'. the guy with wet brain was never going to be allowed to live anywhere other than some form of institution and would only ever be allowed to see the light of day escorted by a nurse. A bit of a long intro but that's where I'm at. HELLO!
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Welcome to SR! Congrats on making the effort to quit. It will be tough but you need to save your life. You can do it!
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Aka.. Indamiricale. :)
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Welcome aboard..

Been down that road... Once I went into alcohol dt's in jail.. And was found trying to kill myself by running head first into my cell wall.. Didn't know it, thought it was dream..

2 days later I woke up in the ICU with wet brian or Korsakoff's syndrome.. For me I am very blessed that the thiamine treatments worked and I came out of dementia state..

But the point of my story is after 3 days in the ICU and then 3 days in a regular room, I was released.. And being released with untreated alcoholism.. The alcohol was out of my system but I knew nothing about treating the disease..

That very night I was back at the bar, drinking my double shots of black haus and draft beers telling my story.. Wasn't till I got into AA and starting doing the work did anything change..

And it took months for the anxiety,fears,sleep, ect to all calm down.. I still shake a little but the doctor told me I most likely will. Because of the nerve damage I did due to drinking..

You just got that second chance at life, grab hold and don't let go..
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Welcome, I am happy you are here.

It looks like you have been given a second chance at life.
Life sober is never dull, it is so much better.
There are quite a few of us here from the UK.

Looking forward to you posting more
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Welcome to SR detoped

Good to have you join us

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nice to have you here
sounds like your detox was an eye opener

many blessings sent
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