dreams and one mont sober.

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dreams and one mont sober.

I had a very unsettling dream last night. I was out for dinner and decided I was not going to live my life any differently than those around me, and I was going to have a drink. The whiskey bottle sat in front of me, my favorite low ball sat in its shadow. I remember the smell, the color, the way it flowed into the glass and receded after every sip. I got up from the table, looked back at the bottle and took one last sip for the road. I woke covered in sweat and my hear pounding. I felt disgusted with myself. I couldn't even enjoy alcohol in my dream. I felt like a failure and tossed and turned the rest of the night. When I got up, I had a new take on my daemon. I shouldn't feel like a failure for having a dream about drinking. I would feel validated for subconsciously testing mt resolve and knowing that both my subconscious and conscious self were enraged by the thought of drinking. I am one month sober today and very happy to have dreams that remind me I am doing the right think, no matter how unpleasant they are.
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Agreed LR, I have drinking dreams too and they help me remember how much I want to be sober. I had one Friday night and then on Saturday found myself really tempted at a party... I just reminded myself how bad I'd felt in the dream and it helped me get through it.
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I think everyone of us has had drinking dreams. With all apologies to Dr Freud I don't believe they're a manifestation of my subsconscious desire to drink...

I drank a lot for a long seems natural to me I should dream about things like that - I still have high school dreams too...

to me they mean nothing...just memory bubbles breaking to the surface

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I agree Dee. I think it is normal to dream about anything that has been a big part of our life but no longer is. I had a drinking dream 2 nights ago and for most of yesterday I had a hard time shaking a vague feeling of guilt. I went to a meeting and the feeling passed. I've had a couple stretches of long term sobriety (7 years each time) and the dreams never totally went away, but with time I had fewer and fewer of them. My mom quit smoking 40 years ago and she says she will still have a smoking dream on rare occasions.
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As long as it was only a dream you're ok.

Congrats on one month sober!
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