reasons for stopping

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reasons for stopping

When I first came onto this forum I intended to cut down rather than stop. I don't label myself but I do know alcohol is no longer enjoyable for me. Despite the fuzzy feeling I get from pouring and drinking a glass of wine, I loathe that I am doing it again. Here's my reasons for stopping
.No longer feeling tired all day
.Not waking up feeling thirsty and hungover
.Not worrying that I am slowly killing myself
.Not feeling guilty that one day I may become the mother that my mother was to me. My beautiful baby girl deserves better
.Not being envious of people who lead healthy lifestyles
.Being able to enjoy life without wine being the focus
.Being a better wife to my husband who doesn't have to deal with me repeating myself and talking rubbish all evening
.Feeling proud and strong within myself for taking control

What's your reasons?
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Being able to face my emotions and look them right in the eye.

To be honest for a change instead of leading a double (or triple) life.

Not having to worry about "do I have enough?, should I get more?, what if I run out?, how will I deal with travel?, and so forth.

Just for starters.
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Because all of the problems I have in my life would pretty much not exist without alcohol
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Hi. Death, mental institution, prison and the pain of living every day the same old same old.
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To get rid of shakes and sweats, to stop going up and down, save money, see my family more, I know ill drop 10 pounds.
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My reasons are similar to yours Djulz.

I am married with a beautiful 6 year old daughter, and they both deserve the best of me (which they have not been getting the past few years)

I am tired of the nights of insomnia as I worry about what I am doing to my body

I am tired of avoiding mirrors because I can't stand to see how I look (the added weight and just the overall haggard look)

I too am envious of people living a healthy lifestyle...driving to work and seeing the runners on the road knowing that my big achievement of the morning was being able to get one drink in before work without my husband catching me.

I know we can all do this. Best of luck to you and your continued sobriety.
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Thriving sober since 12/18/08
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I think the greatest benefit that recovery has brought me is a true love of myself, living honestly and well intended a close second. Everything else is a bonus
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Thank you for your post...

I would be able to just ride my bike !

I would be able to deal with my bipolar issues better !

I would honestly be able to tell my cat, that I will take care of her, to my best abilities !

I would be able to call my finanial rep, and say, I need more money to pay for the repair of my car, without worrying about his potential negative response !

I would be able to tell my only friend, in this god forsaking town, that his drinking is a major problem for me, and I need to let him go !

That is just a start of my list....

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palebluedot (05-09-2013)
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Originally Posted by craigmtc View Post
Because all of the problems I have in my life would pretty much not exist without alcohol
Agree , when I look back at my life nearly everything bad that has happened has been laced in alcohol.
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Grateful to be free
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Freedom, a chance at real happiness and fulfillment, self respect, not driving others away.
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When I do think of a drink, I know it's all total bs with the same, exactly the same ending: pain & hell. No thanks, don't want that back, getting pissed, wanting more & more wine, can't stop, mind gone, don't even think of going home & stopping. Getting into all sorts of trouble & mess; wake up to face that horror all over again. Sobriety rocks, it's really trendy to be sober, clear headed, remember the night, enjoying the occasion. I really feel I must have been mad to want all the bs that drinking gave me .
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Not being a complete plonker - which ashamed to say I was when a drunk

Now I have more time for people and be reasonable

Things I did and said after a few bottles of wine - makes me want to hang my head in shame !

Now I don't wake up to check what mails and texts I sent and worrying about repercussions !
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Dj I also have two little girls they are the reason I go to bed sober the last almost 31 night! I have dearly missed my evening vino but what I got in return was so much better the time I spend with my daughters I'm lucid and in the moment I'm not getting up to fill my glass.
So my reason is being the best to me my girls and my husband!
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I want to be in tip top shape again because I also hate the amount of weight I gained and overall unhealthy look I've developed
I want to stop sneaking and lying to my friends and loved ones
I want this addiction to stop running my life and be the only thing I look forward to when I get home from work
I want to actually finish a book or TV series all the way through instead of passing out
I want to save $
I want to be the real "me" again and actually like myself
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I knew I was better then what I had become.
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