An unexpected test

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An unexpected test

Yesterday, I was helping my father with some yard work. His neighbor a few doors down was coincidentally having some trees removed from his backyard to make room for a new swimming pool.

The neighbor stopped over and offered my father some of the cut wood for his fireplace. This immediately conjured up images from my childhood where I grudgingly had to spend entire days helping him saw logs, split them into firewood, and carry them to various piles. It was torture at the time. We always had a wood burning fireplace growing up, which I particularly enjoyed because of the labor that went into making it possible.

Anyway, after filling a trailer load of wood and dropping it off at his house we went back to get more. As we walked around the back of the neighbor's house, there he was, waiting with three ice cold beers. He offered them immediately to us but as I was pushing a wheelbarrow and my father a dolly, the neighbor set the beers on the ground and went about his business.

A year ago I would have guzzled the beer in 2 minutes as it was hot out and the day's labor was tough. I didn't though. I said my Serenity Prayer, finished loading a few more loads of wood, and left feeling like I had gotten an "A+" in recovery for the day.

Has anyone else been tested lately?
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Cleaning my garage out on Saturday.. Big hot mess in there.. as I was cleaning out some shelves I found a stash.. 2 bottles of wine, and one big ole beautiful full bottle of Jameson. Man I was tempted.. I give myself an A- because I stood there and stared at it for about 2 solid minutes.. I didn't give in though.
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I went on a big group bike ride with some new folks, and at the end point they were passing around a bottle of my favorite whiskey. Was NOT expecting that! Had to grit my teeth a bit to get through that one. Slug of whiskey after a hard ride sounded AMAZING right then. I didn't, but oh I wanted to!
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When tempted we recoil as if from a hot flame. We react sanely and normally. Well done.
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Every day is a test. However the longer you stay sober the less and less of this you will experience IMHO. There are some things that are a definite trigger for me which I go to lengths to avoid - casinos and college football parties are at the top of my list. That is just too much temptation for me.

In AA we pray "lead us not unto temptation". It doesn't make a lot of sense to willing walk into it does it?
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Congrats on passing the test!
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Thumbs up

Back in the day, newly married, kids, life
and cutting grass. I recall as a child when
punished to spend the day outside, I found
things to do to occupy my time, like cutting
the grass, edging with a machete and trimming
hedges by hand. This was back in the 60's
and 70's .

So I learned to manicure and everything was
perfect so when my "mommy dearest" of a
mom came home from work, she would be
pleased and allow me to come in the house.

I took that behavior of perfection into my own
marriage and thus lived a rigid life. Mowing the
lawn to perfection I would reward myself by
first stopping the mower when I was through,
stand back for a moment, fall to the ground
in exhaustion and satisfaction, then grab
a ice cold miller pony and drink till I felt like
I was in heaven on Earth.

That was then.

Yesterday, I mowed my lawn in no time, then
with many trips to replace batteries and string to
keep my edge/weedeater going, I finally finished
with a job well done then grab me an ice cold
Crystal Light drink and sat in the shade enjoying
the cool breeze.

That was a good work out to shed some pounds
without spending money at a gym. My reward was
a trip to my favorite store, Lowes, for bags of soil
and find some new little plants to add to my garden
to admire thruout the yr.

Upon leaving the house I was able to look upon
the yard and have a wonderful sober feeling of
satisfaction and accomplishment and take pride
in a gift call HOME.
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Originally Posted by CharlieNoogan View Post
Has anyone else been tested lately?
Every day. I keep finding stashes in the house ... I was like a squirrel!!! So far each and every one has been flushed.
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I agree with the earlier statement that every day is a test. I appreciate the awareness that my sobriety has given me to reflect upon what it being presented in front of me. Sometimes I think I can't handle anymore of this "testing", but each time I have not given in and have remained sober yet another day. I believe that everything happens for a reason.
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