3 weeks of working straight = relapse

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3 weeks of working straight = relapse

Every year my company has this obnoxious series of events that requires working 3 weeks straight without a day off. It is supposed to be the whole staff, but ends up just being the department I head. Stress is hightened, fatigue sets in, and it becomes overwhelming and draining.

So I put away my 6 weeks of sobriety and started drinking through the weekends. Not at work, but the second I got home until I passed out.

So I'm back here for a little added strength, I've been knocking off the majority of a 5th of whiskey every night. Last night I just had a beer. But I know i'm heading down the wrong path again
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Dib42 3 weeks was my longest run. Everything was going good until I got up with a female friend and gave into the urge. Now I'm back to stage one. I got a weakness for whiskey on the weekend. I vent all my problems on that bottle but in reality things just get worst. I looking to plan now and distract myself from drinking. Good luck
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Whiskey never makes anything better. But it always promises to. I like the first couple hours of the whiskey me, but after that, I'm just a jerk who drinks too much.

But once I start I can't stop till the next morning... then I have to hope I have the resolve by that evening.

I dunno, I was doing really well and seeing the changes in my life... Then i got bored, frustrated at life, and opted for the path of least resistance.

I noticed that if i'm tired or overworked, I don't fight off my AV that hard...

I should have come here instead of the liquor store, but inside I knew I really just wanted to drink and fealt I had justification.
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