Update - almost 6 months sober

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Update - almost 6 months sober

I thought I would come back to say hello and post an update in case anyone remembers me. Six months ago I was struggling to quit using opiates (mostly heroin and perscription Percocet) after kicking alcohol for good in 2010. The alcohol was hard but the opiates really kicked my ass. The first 10 days of the detox were the worst EVER. I was very sick and my depression was the worst it had been in my life. The people on SR were there for me. Everyone here helped me get through it. I even made a few life long friends. One lives in England and we e-mail and talk all the time.

I made it through those first days one minute at a time. I went to meetings and got a sponsor, which was helpful. Now I go to 2-3 meetings per week. I was going everyday but I decided I could cut down and focus on work a bit more because I was ready for that step HOWEVER my sobriety and God come first. It must come first or I will be back in hell. I don't want to forget who I was or where I come from. The feeling I have is not as much pride and accomplishment as just being full of gratitude and being thankful because "I" can't take credit for this. I needed help from something bigger than me and I got it. My heart is so humbled by this grace.

I will take 6 months here soon and the obsession is lifting. I don't think about drugs or drinking as often. I have a life, its not perfect, I'm sure not perfect but its a thousand times richer and better than my life as a hopeless junkie. The coolest thing so far is that I am now pregnant with my first baby. I will have a little boy in September. To me this is a miracle and its very exciting. It was a total shock but what a gift! I'm glad I can be a sober mom.

If you're here today and you think you can't do this I'm here to tell you YES YOU CAN. It is not easy but it is possible. Never ever give up. The group of sober people here will embrace and love you until you can love yourself. Keep coming around and fight this. You are worth it. You deserve a good life too. God Bless.
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and a baby too! That's some awesomeness right there.

For me, there is nothing, NOTHING that beats the love a mother for her child. It's indescribable.

Oh and congratulations on your 6 months.
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Baby Jane I don't know you but just as well could have. Your a member of this wonderful community, that makes us friends . Congrats on 6 months and the baby. I'm glad your well. Wonderful post. God Bless
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Great post, thank you for letting us know how you are! Glad to hear you are doing well
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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and thank you for the encouraging words.
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Hey Babyjane,

Congratulation on your 6 months keep it going one day at a time. And you'll keep getting the joys that recovery has to offer you.

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Brilliant !..and huge congratulations !!!! :-)
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Thank you for that post. It's the encouragement I needed today. Really, thanks.
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BabyJane, I remember you and it's good to hear from you Congratulations on your six months!
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great to hear from you Jane - glad all is going so well

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Hi yes I remember you. Good going on 6 months I am happy for you!
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