On my way to Africa ...

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On my way to Africa ...

I am at the airport on my way to Africa for two weeks for my work ...Over the last month or so I've received some great advice and support from another SR
member via PMs...However, I still haven't managed to kick the habit although I have been able to do three or four nights a week 'dry' (which is new for me)..But when I do drink, it is up to one or even two bottles of wine a night...:-( . I am truly , utterly sick of this and just want to stop. I will post regularly while I am away and rely on your support. Where i am going is quite dangerous so at least I am motivated to stay sober by the fact that I need to be 'with it' if there is an emergency. But most of all I want to feel happy and healthy again. I have a great life and a little boy who needs me .. So please help me knock this habit on the head once and for all ..I really hate what I am doing. It (drinking) is so pointless, expensive and just plain bad ... X
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You can do this. You are making great progress. Please keep in contact and keep yourself safe. I stay sober one day at a time. I do not think of tomorrow. The future will take care of itself. Enjoy your time in Africa.
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I used to do three or four nights sober, but my habit became daily. Once that happened it became hard to go even one night without. I am happiest not drinking at all. One day at a time, that's all we get, so each day I choose to live sober.
My higher power had taken the craving away, I only deal with the dreams these days.
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Here for you, Icandothis! We seem to be in the same boat, so let's paddle together.

I could not moderate, I eventually had to just stop completely. And I found that trying to be "dry" a few days a week usually spiraled into a total disaster when I traveled for work because that sense of getting "a pass" to drink one or two because I was on the road only made me consume so much more. I also work in dangerous places and the need to be on alert helped a bit but, in the end, my inner drunk stopped caring about the danger and just wanted the drink. It's amazing how determined that little turd can be Luckily, I never go hurt but the combo of trying to moderate, then bingeing on the road even when I didn't intend to, and being in less than safe places was a disaster or a tragedy waiting to happen. Sounds like you're not at that point. But stop while you're ahead.

I am no expert- this is only my first trip abroad sober--but even though I miss drinking, I am so much more clear-headed this time around and that has been pretty cool. I am seeing a place I have seen at least a dozen times in the past two years with a whole new set of eyes. I believe it is making me more effective at my job, instead of just enduring it at times.

Anyway--I got your back whenever you need it! Stay strong---we can do it.
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