Fear of missing out

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Fear of missing out

Hey everyone,

My name's Brian and I'm a drug addict. While I can own that, it's difficult for me to commit to a life without alcohol. I know it's what I should do, but it's really hard to agree to that when alcohol wasn't my addiction, per se. I feel like I really need to commit to it, since I've put my family through hell because of a cocaine addiction. But the thought of never drinking again is really scary to me, and I've resisted agreeing to that. I feel like I'll be missing out on a lot. Any thoughts about this?

Thanks for your help
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Hello. What is it that you will be missing out on? For me, I was missing out on living a productive life, and accomplishing anything because of my addiction. It took me as far down as losing a very lucrative job. Almost my family. I am not sure what there is to miss with all the hell I put my family through. What is important to you? Is it your family? Have they asked you to stop using all substances? Please explain more.

( I do understand the fear. I have had it. My life is worth more than a bottle though. Adjusting takes time. It is well worth the adjustment for peace of mind, family, and stability. IMO)
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Kasiaa (05-05-2013)
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Yes, my family has asked me to stop using all substances. So that's what I plan to do. But I want to feel good about it, and I don't right now.
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Right now. You may come to a different conclusion later. This is not easy. Nothing in life that is worth fighting for, is easy. One day at a time.
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Kasiaa (05-05-2013), Pamel (05-04-2013)
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I quit f'ing around with drugs after 10 years, which included an addiction to meth and pot. But I didn't quit drinking, because that wasn't my "problem."

And here I am, 25 years later, recovering from alcoholism. Why? The problem wasn't the substances I used. The problem was me.

Maybe your problem isn't with alcohol...yet. But if the problem is "you" it will be.

Good luck.
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Dee74 (05-04-2013), Maybeoneday (07-19-2013)
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If you've never had an alcohol problem it should be easy to give up Brian, whether it's your idea or not .

If on the other hand you're freaking out about 'being totally straight'...thats a pretty good sign that it's probably best not to feed your inner addict anything anyway, yeah?

Maybe it's time to take that sucker out for good?

I went from a few addictions to others...ended up on alcohol. It was the worst addiction in many ways.

I think your family have your best interests at heart here

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Maybeoneday (07-19-2013)
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Give it time , brainwashing and conditioning to think you need alcoHELL to enjoy life will slowly disappear . Addictive thoughts , grind thought it good things await.
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Maybeoneday (07-19-2013)
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Hey there cbsmith,

I am in the same boat as you, wanting to turn my life around and quit drugs for good but being scared about never drinking again. Sometimes I wonder if I'll end up an alcoholic if I keep drinking or if I'll always be in control regarding it because I never had a problem with alcohol, per se. I know what it feels like to be scared of missing out on life but not wanting to tempt fate.
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Hey CB.

I am not trying to sound like a smart a$#e but have a think if I reversed the roles. The facts are true...

I own my alcohol addiction and the crap I have done. I put my family through hell and I cant drink.... ever. I can accept that.

I have never tried cocaine and never had a problem with it. Surely a hit every now and then couldn't hurt.

Best of luck to ya!!
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Gottalife (05-05-2013)
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Hi CB,

I was thinking along the lines of Nigey. I'm a recovered alcoholic and the only problem I had with drugs was a puff of weed lead immediately to a drink. I was never interested in drugs and remain very wary of any mind altering chemicals. It just wouldn't occur to me to take up another drug. Except I did used to smoke but that's another story.

We have a few NAs at our meetings and while some of them remain substance free, from what I am told, the use of alcohol is not unusual. Then again, in AA there are those still dependent on drugs, whether illicit or prescribed.

For me the only safe path seems to be total abstinance from all mind altering substances.
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