Blood pressure on the decline!

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Blood pressure on the decline!

Yo! 2 weeks without getting drunk, and had a doctor's appointment this morning. Blood pressure is down significantly. I'm still "on the high side of normal" which I'm perfectly satisfied with. I've lost a few pounds, and I worked out a good diet plan + light exercise ideas with my doctor to keep shedding this ol' beer belly.

One thing though: the doctor said based on my last couple visits, and some of my survey info, I'm definitely off the charts with my anxiety. He said that although drugs in the Prozac family are typically associated with depression, they are also very useful to combat anxiety. I do not show any signs of depression.

I'm not asking for medical advice, as that's what the doctor is for, and I trust this guy's advice, he's awesome. In any case, he advised that I take a week or so to decide if I want to start on Prozac, Citalopram, Zoloft, etc, or if I want to work on the anxiety through counseling and avoid the medicinal route. It's up to me. Anyone with anxiety problems but NO depression have experience taking any of those drugs?
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Hello and congrats on your good doc visit. Not giving medical advice here, but seems you are heading into good numbers on your bp and weight loss.
Funny you should mention this. I just came back from my doc 2day. My bp was way down since last visit, 6 months ago, and I have lost about 10 lbs 2. Due to a healthier lifestyle, and eating right as well. And not drinking.

Know for a fact anxiety issues will get better, the longer you don't pick up. And doing other activities as well, like exercise, eating right. I don't want to get on any more meds then I'm currently taking. And I have no clue about anti depressnts. I just know I don't want or wish to take them.

From my experience, docs tend to over prescribe meds. And some sis took prozac for years. It ended up badly. With weight gain and somehow this drug seems to burn out receptors in the brain. So many drugs have bad side effects.

Good luck on your journey...........seems you are headed in the right direction. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of time. Best wishes.
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I have had anxiety problems all my life. I have also had depression which I had to get treated before I could recover. So, I have been taking antidepressants for about 13 yrs. They do nothing for my anxiety. I choose to keep it that way.

I manage my anxiety fairly well. I have read a lot of great books with tips and ideas for dealing with anxiety attacks. For example, when you are very anxious your breathing becomes more shallow which worsens the situation. So, simply taking several deep belly breaths will help a lot. I'm glad you're talking to your dr and looking at options.
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I have found deep breathing exercises, and yoga really help. With everything. You might want to give it a try. Free, easy 2 do once you master it. And good for you. Be well.
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Yeah, this doctor is fairly new to me, but i really like him. He didn't push me on the drugs at all, just gave me some packets of information and told me to read up and decide. Told me to avoid "Google diagnosis" as much as possible :P

Yeah, it's odd to me that drugs classified as anti-depressants would also work well toward anxiety. I know that my mother takes Citalopram for anxiety, and he said that one is an option for me. She said it doesn't have a strong sedative effect, she barely knows that she took it. If the anxiety gets to be too much, I might try it for a bit.

Thanks for the responses everyone!
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I am personally of the mind to avoid drugs of any kind whenever possible. Which is the ultimate in irony really as I was medicating myself daily with a prescription of beer, and plenty of it! I'm approaching 4 months and my anxiety is markedly better without any prescribed drugs.
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I take citalopram for anxiety and works pretty well for me.
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He has me scheduled for a follow-up in 3 months. Maybe I'll just ride out the anxiety for awhile and see if it gets better.

raja12 - I just got ahold of a beginner's Yoga DVD, I have decent floorspace in my bedroom, so I will give it a shot. I know a lot of guys who think Yoga is too "girly" until they try it, and can't hold HALF the positions, or even get into them.

Scott - Yeah, I have been in the same mindset. I would gladly slug away a week's worth of beer/whiskey in an evening regardless of danger, but pop a pill for anxiety? Whoa nelly! That's absuuuuurd.
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Anxiety - quite severe at times, all but dissapeared when I stopped drinking. I know a lot of folks do really well on meds, I have seen it myself. I was perscribed various anti depressants zoloft, paxil and some version of prozac at various times - I was drinking throughout my meds so this may be why I did so poorly on any of them. I was also told by one Dr that thought my 'brain chemistry' might not jive with SSRI's as they made things worse and not better. I would honestly give it a few more weeks as you may find you don't need them - ever.
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