Such a hard day...

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Such a hard day...

Stress at work, argument with a friend...
Both situations always drive me to the bar to drink myself happy...

But instead I came home, jumped on my bed and started reading your posts.
And I made it through day wasn't easy but it was worth it.

Tomorrow morning when I wake up without hangover, I will be so proud of me!

Thanks to everyone who posted today. You saved me
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Way to Stay Strong!

And came & Hung with us instead!!!
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It is a good day indeed to go to bed sober, and a great day is started when I wake up without a hangover. Thanks to you for posting...sassu78
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You did the right thing. Hard days are going to happen. I've had a horrible day myself. We can get through them.
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Mizzuno: What happened to you? ...if you feel like sharing..
I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day for both of us.
Lets stay strong!!
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I'm sorry you had a hard day, but mega congrats on DAY 4! I just made it through day 3 myself. Not an easy task, especially if you've got outside additional stress. Happy you didn't pick the easy way out. I hear the pay off is totally worth it.
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We're all proud of you as well!

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