embarrassed to introduce myself

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embarrassed to introduce myself

I am feeling pretty ashamed of myself for having to post that I am only 19 days clean off marijuana when I first went to rehab over thirty years ago. But that was for over eating.

And then there was AA. But I can just have two drinks and put it down so I am not really an alcoholic.

Then Al Anon.. but after the second marriage to an alcohlic, I just avoid relaitonships.

Children of Alcoholics was the hardest work I ever did.

The bipolar diagnosis has been the hardest to accept. They say that being bipolar is like having a tumor in your brain that spits out cocaine. And I am mostly manic. And the pot really keeps me hypo manic so all through the years and years of treatment, i held onto the pot. Saying it was harmless. Saying it was not addictive. Saying it was a medicine. I used to grow it at home.

But in the last two years.. now here in the Dominican Republic, I have been smoking stuff that was way stronger than the gentle stuff I grew at home. Finally I saw that I was living almost completely in an alternative reality. I ended up twice hospitalized. Went right back to the pot.

Something clicked in. And 19 days ago I stopped the pot and went back to AA.. even though it is hard here since it is a Spanish speaking country and I am not fluent. But i am really glad to be back in the rooms.

I went back to the therapist. Back to the shrink. Back on the meds. Both of them are really excited that I am clean and willing to FINALLY be clean and sober and follow the prescription,.

I toyed with the idea that it was just the pot that had put me over the top. But had to crumble when my therapist just looked at me and said

"you are bipolar. It is chemical imbalance in the brain. It will not get better without medication. But with medication, you can lead a wonderful life"

Anyway, at the age of 66 now, I hope that at the very least I can be a bad example to some of the others who are younger dual diagnosed.

thanks for being here... i have been enjoying reading your posts..

since I am still in withdrawal (yeah, who knew? never had them before, sweats chills nausea, diarhea, no appetite) and have social anxiety and not much of a life and spend my time now on the internet.

my fictional life was really INTERESTING.. my reality is pretty boring.

but hopefully the meds will kick in soon and I will feel better

thanks again
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True bi-polar can take up to ten years to accurately diagnose, if that person is free from alcohol and drugs.

Work those steps with all the honesty and fearlessness you can muster!! Those steps saved my life.

With love & hugs,
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I'm glad you're following a plan to stay clean. And going back to the therapist is a good idea too. Someone to talk to and get feedback from.

Welcome to SR!
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Don't ever be embarrassed posting here. There is no judgement and we have all been there.

It does get easier the longer you are sober and I found having a counselor very helpful.

Hang in there!
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We are here to support you. Glad that you posted.
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Hi peanutter! We're so glad you've joined us. I think being part of SR will really help you. This is a great place for encouragement and hope.
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I am also bi polar- it's just a word in my life now. I know I am but on the proper medicine I am mostly happy rarely if ever sad and have really good days. You will too! Just make sure you keep a log of how you are feeling week to week and show ur doc. In case adjustments on ur meds needs to be made.

PS all my meds are non narcotic, important detail there. If they were not I would abuse them.
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Tackling the mj now will help your bipolar in the long run. Be patient & know you are on the right path, meds take some time to work
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thanks for the encouraging words. I am grateful for this virtual community because I am feeling very isolated. Feeling depressed and lonely.. but have confidence that this too, will pass
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Hey Peanutter, I was embarrassed at first too. But I had to take the plunge anyway. I ain't bipolar, but I got diagnosed with clinical depression a year back. Every day is a battle, but I'm determined to come out on top.

Glad you are here!
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