NC for 2 months

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NC for 2 months

I'm new here and looking for some help...

I broke up with my exbf 3 months ago - hes into coke and has a lot of other issues, depression, online sex and who knows what else! We only talked once after we broke up and he said he was sorry and that it's a disease etc.. but ever since then, we keeps on contacting me. at first it was every 2 weeks and I wouldn't respond. he called last month and I didn't answer and I just got a text saying he wants to talk in the next few days!! What could he possibly want to say? Part of me wants to hear what he has to say but I know that I wont believe him bc of all the lies he told me!! And now I'm constantly thinking about our relationship and i'm analyzing every little thing! when we first started dating, i didn't know about the coke but then he did it in front of me and then on a regular basis when I wasn't around because he's push me away. i really think he's still using bc he when we last talked he said he wasn't addicted . I don't know what i should do... should i continue NC - that's what all my family members and friends are saying I should do... and I know its for the best but why can't he just get it?!?!?!?
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Friends and Family of Alcoholics - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

Friends and Family of Substance Abusers - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

You might get more support in these forums.

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I hope you find some peace in your life.
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If going no contact is what works best for you, then continue to do so. It's your life, after all, and you can decide who's allowed in it.
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Just reading this: "I know its for the best but why can't he just get it?!?!?!?" Sounds like you made a good decision for yourself by going no-contact. You've got to do what is best for YOUR life.
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