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Unhappy New

Hello there, I am not sure if I am posting this in the right spot. But I am writing this for help and support. I have been taking norcos for the past year about 4-5 a day. I started taking them when I had my c-section. Once my script stopped I started getting them from friends. I decided that I have had enough. Inside of it making me happy with tons of energy they starting making me tired all the time and when they wore off I would be so irritated. I was also wasting about 60$ a week buying these. I have 3 lil kids and I find my self getting mad at them for nothing and it makes me mad at myself but I dont do anything. I stopped taking them 3 days ago and all I want to do is call my guy and get some more so this awful feeling goes away. I have had chills, sweating, sneezing all the time, stomach pains, restlessness, not sleeping and the worst is just constantly thinking how much i could just use one pill. My husband also never knew I was taking these and I am so scared to tell him but would love for someone to hug me and tell me I am going to be fine. Instead I am going through this alone at home with my kids and I am trying so hard not to make it ruin their days to...any suggestions or thoughts?
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Good for you for wanting to become clean!!! That's the first step. Welcome to is a wonderful sight full of information, understanding, and listners.
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Rid yourself of those unpleasant feelings & ailments...have you thought of a plan to quit for recovery? Sounds like you are ready and I'm sure your family will love the new you....maybe try an AA or NA meeting so you can get help?
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I didnt know I really needed a plan...the only plan I have is to stop. I have been drinking wine at night and taking night quill to help me sleep. I am just scared to tell my husband I dont want him to think he cant trust me and I have been lying to him for a year about this. :/
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The only thing worse than lying to him for a year is lying to him for two years. Make a plan, come clean, and hope he's understanding.

Good Luck and Welcome!
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Welcome to SR. I commend you for wanting to quit.

Originally Posted by Pillssuck View Post
I didnt know I really needed a plan...the only plan I have is to stop.
Maybe just stopping will be enough. You get through these withdrawals, which is because of the physical addiction to Norco, and maybe you are done with them.

But stopping is usually just the first step in the recovery process.

You mentioned the mental obsession you have with contacting "your guy" and getting more pills. The mental part of addiction is just as difficult, maybe more so, than withdrawals. It is the mental part we need recovery for, to learn to deal with life without getting high. Face-to-face support puts us in contact with people who have successfully beat this addiction and can provide support, someone to call when the urges become overwhelming.
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