Ye Olde Sober Weekend Thread 3-5 May

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I got a lot accomplished this weekend, my deck looks good (like extra living space). I have done 6 huge planters of flowers, tomatoes this week and can look forward to pretty flowers and some tasty salads in a month...collecting and digging rocks is an ongoing activity all summer.
Next weekend is mothers day, i am looking forward to having company.
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This is day 15 for me . Feeling better than ever. I started juicing this week and my energy levels went through the roof but that meant I had bad cravings this weekend. The warm sunshine didn't help because all I could think about was a beer garden and a pack of smokes. Sigh. I got through it though. I started pulling bushes out of my yard, it's so overgrown...there's still so much more to do but it's also very liberating to see the progress. I ran 5 miles on Saturday and rode 35 miles today with a friend and had a breakfast that a small family could have consumed. Good grief. It made me ill. Blah.

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i've read the Song of Ice and Fire series several times, Nonesnsical! i'm so happy with the TV series and how true it's been to the novels. the only problem i have is that the TV series can't be a scene by scene recreation of the novels. there's just too much in the novels! i can't wait to catch up on tonight's episode. i'm also getting excited because there's that huge scenario coming up that's going to blow the minds of people who haven't read the book. i can't wait for the shock to hit them!

i made tacos and black beans for dinner tonight to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. it was nice to not go out and have all those margaritas at other tables staring me down. all in all, a really great day!
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Hooray! It's Monday morning here now and a public holiday. I'm working from 9 till 6 but to be honest I am quite pleased. My work is interesting and it means I won't be sitting at home on my own, brooding about having a drink. It was great to have a sober weekend and great to wake up today without a hangover. It worked out OK because I went to two AA meetings, went to church, did some reading of recovery literature, prayed, called other people in the Fellowship and posted a lot on SR. So it wasn't an ACCIDENT that this weekend was sober when so many others were not. I'm grateful.
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That's great endlesspatience ,
I hope you have a good and sober day

Day off for me here, it gives me a good chance to concentrate on research and doing all those small things i tell myself i never have the time to do .

Bestwishes, M
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Thanks M. Hope you manage to catch up on your chores. I got up a couple of hours early before work today to do some reading and catch up on SR. Great to have your support, my friend. It's really helped me to know that there are other real people out there who've also been taking steps to have a sober (bank holiday) weekend. I don't the week will be difficult, but next weekend presents some challenges. I don't need to sweat about those now but please let me know when you kickstart next weekend's thread so I can join you again.
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