got caught at work.

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I'm simply overwhelmed by all of the support, insight, advice and love here. I'd simply forgotten how good this place makes me feel! 8 $9"mt feel the compulsion today, thank goodness, but i'm being vigilant. I know this has to be my bottom. Heck, i thought when i wrecked my old car that that would be my bottom. Then i wrecked my new car within a week of getting it. Now the job situation. Every time i reach a bottom, i pick up a shovel and dig a little deeper. I'm hitting bedrock now. I'm not going to lose my husband over this. He's getting exhausted and i won't put him through anymore. Thanks again for all the love and support. It keeps me motivated. This place is so special. I can't believe i ever left.
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I can relate to your situation 100%. I was also "canned" from my previous job where I was making an excellent salary because I was drinking at work (and had been doing it for a solid 6 months). I just finally got caught. Obviously I was let go without the possibility of returning in the future. I was CRUSHED! If I can speak from experience at all, it's that you need to keep working on your sobriety. I was able to find a new job due to a good friend about a month later and things were going well up until last week. I was caught AT THIS JOB as well. I didn't take the hint after the first job that I needed help. Luckily this job just put me on suspension (without pay) while I'm going through an outpatient program... but it didn't have to come to this. If I would have worked the program after the first job I would be in a much better place right now.

And if you read my last post, I also lost my fiancee 2 weeks ago (1 month from our wedding) due to my addiction. My addiction has taken so many things from me! For some of us it really does take hitting rock bottom to get in the right mindset to get sober.

I've been trying to think on the positive side of things this time. I have 2 OWI's and continued to drink and drive. I could have easily gotten my 3rd and gone to prison, or worse killed someone. In that respect I feel extremely lucky that I'm still alive and have my freedom.

Good luck to you!
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DisplacedGRITS, Sobriety Date: May 3, 2013? You are FANTASTIC. Congratulations. We want ya GRITS, please hang with us.
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You can do it grits! Surrender completely. You know the steps because you were doing it before. I remember reading your old posts and thinking "I want to be like her because she seems so happy and together". You can do it. This is just a bump in the road and another sign from god that you are completely powerless over this disease.

I'm on day 16 myself. You are stronger than you know. Hugs and prayers.
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