The ups and downs

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The ups and downs

Evening all

Refreshed after a power nap!

Isn't it amazing the journey we are on :-),I have couple of really good days when I'm on top of the world and feeling great!..look in the mirror and see somebody I actually like and think yeah looking loads better...

Then bang!! up this morning,tired before I even started ,looked terrible,totally fed up with it all and what's the point in it,I'm a drunk so lets do what I do best and prove everyone right!

Pushed through today - been a miserable sod so I apologise to any one who was unfortunate to be in my company!- now refreshed again and fighting fit!

A ride indeed this is - I suppose 'normal ' people have there off days but with us (me?) everything gets magnified and blown out of proportion because of the recovery

Anyway - onwards!

Oh and my rainy avatar is gone - sunnyengland if you will ! :-)
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I have my off day and good days too. I have been a bit off lately trying to find a part time job. I finally got one and start in June. I totally didn't expect to get it either! Thought after my first interview I didn't make the cut.

Now back to the work force after being off for about a year. I feel good and scared at the same time. And I definately don't want to screw this job up! But I got a job that is totally different from my old one.
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Good day sunshine!
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Wow do I relate to the ups and downs in this journey of recovery! What I am starting to notice, however, is that the downs don't seem to last quite as long now. Maybe it is because I know myself enough to know that if I'm down too long, I will drink. And that would be bad.....very bad. I love your new pic!
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