A Drunk Walks Into a Bar...

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A Drunk Walks Into a Bar...

...And doesn't drink, just handles his business and walks out.

Just wanted to share how proud I am of myself. I have a customer who manages a bar and works crazy hours. Long story short is I had to pick up some paperwork. This is where I'd normally have a 2 (or 7) martini lunch. I just explained that I had a lot to do today, got my paperwork, and went back to the office.

Now, how do I keep this level of confidence up without falling back in? I've been back on the wagon less than 2 full weeks.
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I don't know if you're a BB reader, but there's a section in there devoted to being in this sort of situation, saying we should only go into those places if there is a legitimate reason for being there and try to bring something positive to the environment without picking up a drink.

The answer to keeping that level of confidence is just for today.
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Originally Posted by terribob View Post
Now, how do I keep this level of confidence up without falling back in? I've been back on the wagon less than 2 full weeks.
Simple - you already did it once, which means there's no reason you can't do it again. I wouldn't push your luck and just hang out in bars just to see if you won't drink, but if your work takes you there on business purposes you now know you can do so without drinking.
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I clicked on the link thinking it was going to be a funny joke... Turns out it was even better. Congrats!
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Honestly Bob - and this applies to all of us, in my opinion, you recognize that not drinking during working hours is not special or an accomplishment. In fact it is normal - Europe notwithstanding, here in the US and contrary to what I used to think, you are not supposed to drink during the day. I think keeping this mind helps. Why? Because it helps us get over the novelty and allows us to stop obsessing with the fact that we aren't drinking. Kind of like not taking pride in the fact that we didn't steal something today - we don't think about stealing because it is just not done.
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You can keep this level of confidence up by knowing that you are on the clock and you need to keep your brain functions at top speed. Just remembering this next time may help you. Good job.
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