Im going to bed

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Im going to bed

It's been three weeks.... I'm tired and need to sleep... But before I say good night.... I'm glad to be alive and well... It was a rough night at work and I'm thankful for what health I have. Goodnight
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2 detoxes down, 0 to go
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Congrats on three weeks - that's a big accomplishment. Hang in there.
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Niters! Sweet and sober dreams to you!
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Good for you!

It's important to acknowledge your achievement.
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In your post you captured that feeling. The feeling where it's the end of the day, time to rest, and realizing that another day has passed sober. Thank you.
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Three weeks! What a huge accomplishment. You did it! We've done it! I hope you have a wonderful, well-earned, deep sleep.
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With you on that - 3 weeks and today was tough - 5pm and I'm heading to bed ! :-)
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Hey Rainy,
Hope you have a good, deep sleep too! Happy day tomorrow sleep tight!
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Waking up not hungover is so refreshing. Congrads on three weeks!
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Congrats on 3 weeks! Plus you get to wake up to another sober day and closer to 30 days!!
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