Waiting the the detox waiting room

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Not sure if you'll have access to SR or not during your stay MLC, but hope you are doing well and very happy you have this opportunity. Please use all the resources they have to make it stick - remember this is just to get you clean. You need to do the hard work to stay clean. We will be here for you when you get back!
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Every good wish to you MLC. What you have done required a lot of guts and courage. The important thing is to stay long enough to make it stick, not merely for the detox. You'll be feeling much better in a little while and you may hear a voice inside you saying that "everything's O.K. now and that you're back in control". Very likely this is the "beast" talking from the primitive part of your brain, trying to persuade your rational mind to resume the alcohol. It's the most dangerous part of your journey and some folks pop out of a short term detox (called in the trade a "spin dry") and start drinking or drugging just the way they did before. And if that happened you would just have to face the fear and anguish all over again. So do be careful. You can do this. Keep in touch and again every good wish to you.

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Go get it, MLC!
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