Leaving for detox tonight

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Best wishes! Carpe diem!
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ScottFromWI (04-29-2013)
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Very proud of you MLC. You are doing the right thing and will be in good hands. Wishing you peace and serenity and to get well. Big hug to you.
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Best wishes MLC.
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Best wishes!
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Best wishes to you, ML.
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Good luck. I'm sure you will feel like a newer better person once detox is over.
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I'll be thinking of you and will look forward to hearing from you mid May
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Best of luck MLC, I look forward to hearing from you. All the best

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Best wishes MLC. Here's to a new beginning. x
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Originally Posted by ScottFromWI View Post
Good luck MLC. Please be careful with the extra Valium, consider leaving what you don't need at home. The absolute last thing you need is to OD the night before detox.

How about just dumping it for good. Isn't that the goal? I hope you don't have some waiting at home for you. Good Luck!
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Proud of you mlc. You'll be in my thoughts & looking forward to hearing from you when you get back. You got this, take every bit of knowledge you can from detox.
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Wishing you well MLC.
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Learning to live again
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Praying all goes well and that you never have to go through this pain again.
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I second all the best wishes to you MLC. It may be you don't get to even see them depending on what time you go in to detox (assuming they won't allow mobile phones, which you seem to mostly post from). Still, all this care and flag-waving for you is goin' on out there, from people all over the world. Pretty awesome.

And, what's this about 'those people who are still speaking to me'? Jeepers, if I had a dollar for every person not-speaking to me now, especially over recent years of getting sober / clean, relapsing, cleaning up again, relapsing...well, I'd have at least as much money as you've just spent on those daily prezzies for your kids!

Who cares if some consider that 'over-compensating'. I think it's really a sign to them - and your hubby - of how much, so much, you love them. OK, maybe only small things, little fripperies, but I'd like to think that each of them will keep those things for many years. As a symbol and reminder to them of where your heart truly is, as you continue the battle to just let all the addiction shite go.

I've often torn my hair out for and about you and your situation, to be honest. But....BUT: I'm in much the same situation, re getting rid of the damned substances for good. On again, off again, etc. So it's from out of that same space of frustration, the push-pull cycle of addiction combined with other mental health probs, that I so hope you do yourself proud. You know you want to, and will!
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You have been so honest in sharing your battle - for that I thank you and wish you strength, courage and success at detox!

We will be here waiting when you get home
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Thanks everyone zxz
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I'm so happy for you! Ypu can do it, the anticipation is worse than the actual experience!!
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