little things irritating me why?

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little things irritating me why?

i was feeling so good the last couple of weeks and then WHAM, sunday i had panic attacks like it was nobody's business and now i am just irritable. i had to stop exercising because of these pains and now i feel the weight of depression and anger coming back to me, why? is it because "death" is knocking on my door? i dont know what is going on and i dont like it at all. i dont know how to change my mood at all. i just want to feel what i was feeling last week and now its gone....
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How long have you been sober legend? I dealt w a lot of anger last week. Anxiety too. Sometimes I can identify the triggers but really I think it's just me learning how to cope w life. I used to drink to numb emotions & to ease my anxiety. Now I ride through it, come on here, talk about it in a meeting. I was angry all last week, even filled w rage at times. But I kept talking about it & it passed. I'm hoping these emotions become less intense over time as I'm told by others who have more sober time
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Hi Legend. Not sure how long you have been sober. Sometimes we go thru a grieving process when we loose the drug/alcohol. It is common to go through a wide range of emtions while you do this.
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Don't mean to sound like a nerd but you might be dehydrated. I was feeling the same way and I drank two huge glasses of water and I felt my energy come back and my mood lift. Hope you feel better.
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i have been clean 22 days today. i am not certain but there was a very sad event here in the local city, a little boy drowned when he slipped in to the local river while the family was fishing. now i dont know all the details surrounding it, but i was deeply angered by this, why would anyone bring their child down to a treacherous place like a roaring river? i spoke my peace on it, in a forum because i felt the mother was negligent and didnt deserve any sympathy at all. for that i was called a multiple of names and that did not sit well with me. maybe that is what has me a little peeved combined with the fact i cant exercise either. maybe?
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I've had to deal with mood swings as well. For me, the first time after detox everything stabilized somewhere around the 1 to 2 month mark and I felt right as rain after that. But that's just one example and your mileage may vary. Exercise and meditation both helped regulate my moods and my sleeping patterns and then over time the random bouts of irritability and anger over relatively tiny things just went away. Hang in there and keep talking about it and don't let it get you down enough to drag you back to a bottle. Ask your doc if he thinks you should go on any meds temporarily, too - might help.
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