65 and still trying to get sober

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65 and still trying to get sober

Hello everyone.

Found this site about 6 months but have never posted. I've been trying to get sober on and off throughout my life. I have spasms where I don't drink for a few weeks, and then fall of the wagon. I am a binge drinker and once I start drinking I can't stop until I'm drunk. I am sure many of you here can relate to this. Somewhere deep in my head I seem to be of the opinion that because I don't drink every day I don't really have a problem. Of course I know this is rubbish because a normal drinker can stop after one or two. I know I'm an alcoholic and I really want to stop for good. I realise if I don't, healthwise the future won't be good. So I need to stop now because I want to be here for my grandchildren.

Really glad I've posted because I cannot do this by myself. Will post more later

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Welcome Erene. You've taken the first step by realizing and admitting to yourself that you cannot drink. That's a big step actuallly, congrats on doing so. What you need to do now is figure out how to actually stop. As you've realized over your 6 months of reading, there are a lot of ways/methods. Do any of them seem like they may work better for you?
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Welcome Erene!

Stick around here and you will find tons of support from people going through or recovering from exactly what you explained above.

You can get sober and stay that way. It's all up to you! I hope you decide to give sobriety a forever shot. Your life will improve in so many way!

I am rooting for you! Hang in there!
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Welcome Erene! You will find lots of great support here from people that understand!
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Hi Erene. What do you tell yourself is in that bottle that will make your life better?

There are many was to find lasting sobriety. Have you read Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Drinking? I found that it helped me see alcohol for what it truly is (poison) instead of what I tried to turn it into. I've been sober a couple of years now and a big part of that is I no longer feel deprived because I don't drink alcohol. Rather I feel extremely grateful that I escaped and never have to drink again.

Hang in there as it does get so much better as we stay sober.
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it's not pretty for an older alcoholic

Originally Posted by Erene View Post

I am a binge drinker and once I start drinking I can't stop until I'm drunk.

Somewhere deep in my head I seem to be of the opinion that because I don't drink every day I don't really have a problem.
I'm a drunk that drank everyday when I was drinking
my grandfather drank like you do
not that often for him
when he did look out -- he would be usually on a 1 to 2 week bender
then in his later years -- he lived to be around 85
he was drunk most of the day and night
it was sad to see him in that condition
not a good way in which to spend our later years

hope that you will be able to break free
it's not pretty for an older alcoholic
get's harder I think to turn and repent

I sobered up this last time at around 57 years old -- I know

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Welcome, Erene!

You will find lots of support here and you're making the best choice for your health and happiness.
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Welcome and will be here to listen.
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Welcome Erene! I too am a binge drinker, and felt since I didn't drink everyday that I didn't have a problem. So, so wrong. Glad you are here, it's never too late to stop drinking and start living :-)

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Hi Erene! Welcome. I'm a binge drinker too, so I totally relate to your post. The best thing you've done is admit you have a problem and posting here. You will get lots of support here.
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Erene, SR is a wonderful place to be
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Welcome! Glad you joined.
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Welcome Erene!
I'm glad you posted. I think you will find what I found here. Kind and supportive people who understood why I felt the way I felt. I will say that the more I shared the better I started feeling. Just me.
I hope to hear more from you. It helps me too.

And it's never to late to have a new start!
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Somewhere deep in my head I seem to be of the opinion that because I don't drink every day I don't really have a problem.

hello Erene,
and somewhere in me i convinced myself many times that because i still went to work and apparently no-one could tell, i couldn't really be having a problem. no, not REALLY!!

and someone else is somehow opining to himself that he doesn't really have a problem because he hasn't had a DUI/DWI.

and then there'
s the woman who knows she doesn't really have a problem because she doesn't do ridiculous things like fall down drunk in the street and pick up people in bars and pass out in places she doesn't remember ever even going to.

and then, of course, there's the....who couldn't possibly really have a problem because....

so good to see past the stereotypes of what a "real" problem is and get, really get, that the truth is we have a real problem!

long as you know that, you're on your way.
opinions are one thing, truth is another.
welcome, Erene, and may your knowledge serve you well.
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Thank you so so much for all your replies. I am binge drinker and the feedback in your posts is encouraging and supportive. I jhave read many books on ways to give up alcohol and have found them helpful, but at the end of the day it is only me who can do it. I am really determined this time to kick this addiction. I have downloaded "The Big Book" and will be reading this daily.

Look forward to posting more and getting to know everyone.

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Welcome to SR erene.

It helped me to accept it is the first drink that does the damage.Today I only have to stay away from one drink.I keep it simple and it works.
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My pattern is more or less bingish. I can drink somewhat moderately without consequences for a while but ultimately bad stuff happens. I can come home on week nights have some enough beer to get a buzz and that works (for a while). Ultimately something really stupid happens from chasing a buzz where I GET totally annihilated and something bad happens. I do believe the take that this stuff is progressive as I've have had blackouts more recently, which never used to happen. Anyways; you are among people who can relate and do care, let us know what we can do to help. Re: those spasms, can you talk to a Doctor and have him/her help with some kind of longer term plan to stay off the juice?

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Welcome Erene!!!
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You've taken the first step to a better life. You'll find lots of support here.
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Hi Erene, you've come to the right place. The people here are kind and understanding. Glad to have you with us.
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