What does it take to get past the first week

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I think Sasha summed it up have to want it badly.
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I think that I am still in the phase where I think I will/should/want to be able to drink moderately. When I cannot make it past a week though....
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I really think you need more motivation than that. It's hard to recover and you have to really, really want to make it work. If you are open to drinking moderately, I think your brain will continue to bombard you with drinking messages.
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Can you make a Pro and Con list?

We often try to think our way out of this when it's really about actions, even if it's putting pen to paper.

Write all of the good things drinking has provided for you then write all of the "bad" stuff that alcohol has or is causing in your life.

That is a beginning.

Maybe when you do this, you will realize that drinking isn't adding to your life; it's taking away lots of things (or it will in time) and it's taking years from your life.

Maybe write a list of goals, hobbies, activities you would want to learn or do.

For me, it was simple things like opening the mail in a timely manner, returning phone calls, following through with things I often put off. Today, those small goals are being met and I keep adding to my list of What To Do Next.

You'll stop fighting the fact that alcohol doesn't work with you/your body and that surrender is a freeing feeling. I know I am no longer chained to the cycle of getting-drinking-regretting each night's drinking episodes!
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Originally Posted by diha View Post
I have had many failed attempts at quitting. I go into it with full force but I never make it past 4 days. What is missing? When a craving hits, there is a battle in my head. Drink!!! vs not drinking
I always end up giving in. Why???

When I asked that ? they said I might be an alcoholic and could/would not drink in safety! Well after another period of time of research, they are CORRECT. I needed to learn what self honesty and acceptance are. The last day I drank I had to get on my knees and ask MY Higher Power to help me stop drinking, that was + 30 years ago and it's a good remember when for me. AA helps me and millions of others, forums like this are a tool also. You might focus also on not drinking just TODAY and do the same tomorrow. BE WELL
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